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Dr.Jeevan is an Ayurveda doctor from Kerala and teacher for over 31 years. He works from Munich and Berlin, loves to support you in your disease prevention with herbs, panchakarma, nutrition, and lifestyle changes. 






Who is it for?

“Whether you want to promote your health and energy or to heal your ailments from natural ways we have got something for you.”



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Why do you need it?

  • Can avoid in some cases, the chemicals, radiation and surgeries

  • Reduce your medicines by adopting a healthy  life style.

  • Give a meaning for your life

  • Live full with enthusiasm and energy.


My Story

Born into an eminent family of teachers, teaching is in my blood. My studies in Ayurveda was at Coimbatore Ayurveda College under the AVP Group of Institutions where I learned about traditional Ayurveda in a Gurukula system for 7 ½   years from 1982 to 1989. During the time of 1980,s so many westerners were interested to study, practice and get it cured by Ayurveda. 

After finishing my University degree in Ayurveda, I have taken the opportunity to teach and propagate Ayurveda by starting a 3 months basic course of Ayurveda with Yoga option at Coimbatore Ayurveda college. 


In 1995 by traveling to Italy for conducting several courses on Ayurveda at Rome, Padova, and Trieste, I have established 2 clinics in Rome. I have traveled a lot not only in Italy but also in different smaller places in Germany to propagate Ayurveda for the general public. Lannestadt, Neckagermund, Bad Windsheim, Bad Endorf, Bad Rappenau, Erlangen, Oberstimm, Bad Pyrmont are some of the places I have conducted long term courses in Ayurveda. Apart from that Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, and Hamburg were the main cities I concentrated on courses and treatments. Established clinics with my students in different cities and helped make a network on Ayurveda. 


This reality led me to discover the purpose of a different kind of Ayurveda center, and I named it as Home Care Ayurveda at Bad Endorf not just one which could proudly uphold India’s heritage of Ayurveda service, but one which could also provide an escape from the city life in order to assist people on a journey of medical well-being. That is when, in the year 1996, the seed for Ayurveda Care was planted.

I traveled the length and breadth of Germany, Italy, and France searching for the location that would embody the soul of Ayurveda Care, a location that would bring Serenity to life. I finally found this in the foothills of the Alps, Chiemgau region, where people have visited for centuries to be healed and to find rest and rejuvenation. That was the Home Care Ayurveda at Chiemsee!

In India, an Ayurveda is a medical system recognized by Government and practiced by several Ayurveda doctors who were trained in University. Several diseases which can not be helped by modern medicine is treated by various Ayurveda doctors in India but without much documentation. Nutrition, Yoga, Ayurveda therapies like Panchakarma, are the main components used in holistic healing. In Germany, I found it is very difficult to practice Ayurveda in a full-fledged manner with my 22 years of experience in the west. Some of the important plants are not available for many diseases. Even I substitute with European plants it is not fully agreeable in certain conditions. The Ayurveda system is not recognized as a medicine in Germany and practiced by most of the non-ayurvedic doctors and end up with some massages.  However, I wanted Ayurveda Care to mean one thing – holistic yogic stillness for the mind, medical wellness for the body and awareness of the soul. I stuck to ancient Indian virtues, where holistic living was a way of life: back when people understood the balance of nature, the ways of the universe and how the elements affected not just physical health, but also mental wellbeing. It was always clear to me, that if people achieved harmony within, they would be at peace. This is the very philosophy which brought Ayurveda Care – for a new venture in Kerala-the green belt of India.  This was the creation of AYUSHGRAMA. Together with my wife Bianca, we began to study the lacunas of holistic healing in Germany. Ancient knowledge and health practices in India can fill the gaps in modern health sciences. The missing links in health sciences were Ayurveda, Yoga, Vedanta (an upliftment of very individuals life). 


Ayushgrama is opening its doors in 2021. It remains at the forefront of innovation in health and wellness and strives to constantly improve. Ayushgrama has accomplished what Bianca and I had envisioned by changing lifestyles and assisting guests on a path to personal well-being. It has done so for both of us and it will do the same for anyone who walks through its doors.

You are welcome to home care Ayurveda at Germany or the village of Ayurveda at Kerala. We all heartedly receive you in both places if you seek an answer from Ayurveda Care.

Why Ayurveda?

It can help with

Rheumatic diseases

One of the important disease which can be healed completely with Ayurvedic multi modalities. We treat polyarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, gout, fibromyalgia, lumbago, sciatic neuritis and.cervicle spondylosis. Most of the bone and joint diseases are Vata vitiated and need several medicinal oil therapies.

Neurological diseases

The diseases explained in the Vata Vyadhi chapter of Ayurvedic texts and its treatments can be integrated with Neurological diseases of modern medicine for a better understanding and healing process. I have a lot of experience in treating Parkinsons, Migariane and Multiple sclerosis.

Skin diseases

Skin is a bi-product of Rakta dhathu- Blood tissue. If you have clean blood, you will have good skin. The aim of treating most of the skin diseases is to improve the quality of blood. Since blood is connected with pitta dosha, and the seat of pitta dosha is stomach and intestines- a gut cleanse is essential in every 3 months to improve the skin.

Women's Health

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, Menopausal problems, Amenorrhoea, Dysmenohroea, Infertility,  Hypo- Hyperthyroidism, Endometriosis,  Acne vulgaris are some of the diseases where Ayurveda can help a lot.  Yoga Asana, Pranayam, Dhyana are some of the other modalities you can integrate with ayurveda.

Digestive disorders

Ayurveda has pill-free

treatments for various

disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Constipation, Gas formation, Gastritis, Lactose intolerance, and other food allergies or food incompatible are the diseases modern men suffer. We should go back to the genotype food or constitution based food for the prevention of diseases. 


      Cora Ameer       Berlin

" Find out a life style what is most suitable for you for your individual make up through Ayurveda .”

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Jenny Jürgens Mallorca

Add the Nutritional guidelines expalined in Ayurveda. You will soon get relief from any kind of diseases.


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For a perfect health use the different modalities of Ayurveda.


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Anikode; Palakkad; Kerala, India


                                          "*आ नो भद्राः: क्रतवो यन्तु विश्रवत: *"
                   Let noble thoughts come to all from all sides". Rig Veda 1-89-i

Disclaimer: Jeevan is not a School Medical doctor / GP, he has an Ayurveda medical degree from India where it is considered equal to any other medical degree. 
This website provides much information but you must contact your Ayurvedic health professional before you treat yourself them. 
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CLINICAL experiences 

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Poly Arthritis

  • Infertility


Vata Vyadhi


One of the diseases commonly affects the Central Nervous system is Multiple Sclerosis.

Even though there is no exact correlation of multiple sclerosis in Ayurveda as a disease-specific, but with the presenting symptoms of an MS patient we can correlate this disease under Vata Vyadhi which is an 80 group of disease which affects the moving property of the body.


In Ayurveda, vatarakta / sandhigata vata is considered as Rheumatism, especially rheumatoid arthritis. This comes under the domain of vatavyadhi mostly affecting the extremities. The site where vatarakta is manifested is hands, feet, fingers, including toes and all joints. Here, hands and feet are seen to be affected in the beginning and later spreading to all the other parts of the body because of the fluidity, mobility and subtle pervasive nature of vata and rakta.

Mit ihren umfangreichen Therapie- und Verhaltensmaßnahmen, Ernährungsregeln und ayurvedischen Kräuterpräparaten hält die Ayurveda-Medizin ein äußerst umfangreiches Paket an Möglichkeiten bereit, um gesunde Kinder zu bekommen. Diesem Thema wird im Ayurveda ein so großer Platz wie in kaum einer anderen Natur- heilkunde eingeräumt: Dieser erstreckt sich unter anderem über vorbereitende Maßnahmen für eine Schwangerschaft, über die Behandlung von Unfruchtbarkeit bei Mann und Frau bis hin zu Empfehlungen für Schwangerschaft, Geburt und Stillzeit. Der Zweig, der sich in der Ayurveda-Medizin mit Unfruchtbarkeit befasst, wird Vajikarana genannt.



 Modul 1: The course is designed to equip students with a firm understanding of Ayurvedic principles and their practical application in curative and preventative health care. On the successful course, completion students will be adept at Ayurvedic diagnostic skills, Ayurvedic massage, lifestyle guidance, Ayurvedic nutrition and the use of potent herbs and oils.