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Avagahamis a special Swedana (Sudation) process where the patient is made to sit in squatting position in the Avagaham tub for a specific time. This comes under local treatment modalities and is commonly done for diseases of genito-urinary system in males and females, diseases of colon and rectum and also for low back ache, weakness and numbness of lower half of the body.

The tub is partially filled with medicated lukewarm decoction and the temperature of the liquid is maintained at a constant temperature. The time and the medicne may vary according to the condition of the patient and the disease.

Treatment Procedure:-
If the patient is found fit for the procedure, they are advised to void any urges. An initial abhyangam with the medicinal oil is done on the abdomen and back region for 10 minutes and the patient made to sit in the luke warm medicated decoction selected as per the condition of the patient, so that the region from the umbilicus is immersed in the medicated decoction which is taken in a sitz bath tub. The procedure is done for 15 minutes.

Avagaham is highly effective for:

Vasthi rogas (Diseaes affecting the Bladder and the Urinary tract)

Vaginal infections

Moothra Sangam (Residual urine)

Diseases of the colon like irritable bowel syndrome

Moothraaghatam (Difficulty in micturition)

Low back ache

Numbness of lower half of body

In certain types of male sexual dysfunction

Colic (e.g., intestinal, uterine, nephritic)

Moothrakrichrum (Painful micturition).

Neuralgia (e.g., intestinal, ovarian, testicular)

Sciatica, Lumbago

BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy)

Guda rogas (Ano-rectal diseases)

Arsas (Hemorrhoids, fissure, )

Prasuthika (After delivery to regain the muscle tone)

Bhagandaram (Fistula-in-ano)

Urinary incontinence


Vidradi(Anal abscess)

Mala bandha (Constipation)

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