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Ayurveda Ernährung

1. Welche Bedeutung hat die Ernährung im Ayurveda ? Welches Potential hat sie ?

The main logic behind the ayurveda is to balance the Vata symptoms or diseases with sweet, sour and salt tastes Balance the pitta symptoms or diseases by Sweet Bitter and Astringent taste. Balance the Kapha symptoms or diseases by Bitter, pungent and astringent taste. The plants and Foods in ayurveda are classified according to this rule. Each taste is formed by 2 elemnts. Each dosha is formed by 2 elments. So to increase or to decrease each dosha for a total balnce of the three the person has to take the opposite elements. For.E.g. Vata is with Ether and Air. So to reduce vata sweet must be taken which is a combination of Earth and water. But to increase Vata bitter taste should be taken which is made up of ether and air element. The potential of Ayurvedic diet nutrion and the treatment with plants lies on the qualities of each substance, like tastes, potency etc. etc.

2. Viele Menschen sehen die ayurvedische Ernährung sehr eng verknüpft mit der indischen bzw. singalesischen Küche. Wie ist Ihre Meinung dazu ? According to the above principle using the German kitchen will be the best way. I am against to adopt the Indian kitchen only for ayurveda cure. O.K it is tasty.

But the diseases are formed by wrong usages of food items, which each person has taken or his ancestors have taken. So to correct the diseases we have to select the plants and food items which are available here in Germany

Zusatzfrage: Gibt es Beispiele dafür, dass der Einfluss des indisch/singalesischen Kulturkreises die ayurvedischen Ernährungsempfehlungen (einseitig) geprägt hat...(z.Bsp. Chutney ? Lassi ? Dal ?) ?There are a lot of influence of ayurveda in Indian kitchen. This can be seen from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. The usage of spices, using wheat in North India and rice in south India etc are some of the examples. Moong dal and Rice or Chappatti is also an influence of Ayurveda which is traditional. But in traditional ayurveda Indian kitchen has no role. But, that is what now the people are doing. Most of the so called ayurveda receips are not really ayurveda. It is Indian kitchen. Dishes like lassi, Paratta, Biriyani , chicken vindaloo, Tomato chutney, Channa dhal , Cabbages dishes, Potatoes dishes and so many others are only Indian kitchen which has no value in ayurveda treatments and also in the nutrition. Because ayurveda explains yogurt is Tamasic : Not to be taken.

Potatoes increases all the three doshas. Prawns and Mushrooms also. So how these recipes can be Ayurvedic?

3. Welche Bedeutung haben Milch, Sahne und Co. in der ayurvedischen Ernährung ?

Milk products are always good for Vata types and vata diseases. But not for Kapha types. „One man’s food is another man’s poison“ is perfectly applicable in Ayurveda, because every food contains these five elements and doshas in different proportions, and ingesting them will effect our elemental balance in positive or negative way. Each element by ist inherent property, joins with that which is a part of the body. If too much of one element is ingested by a person who already that element in a sufficient quantity by inheritance, an imbalance can manifest.

4. Empfiehlt der Ayurveda eine vegetarische Ernährung ? Wie ist Ihr Standpunkt ? Ayurveda not only recommending a vegetarian nutrition but also non-vegetarian. There are several times about the explanation of meat diet in vata diseases. Also Meat soup enemas, rasayanas etc. But for a Satwic living according to Ayurveda Vegetarianism is better.

5. Welche einfachen Tipps geben Sie einem Einsteiger in die ayurvedisch Ernährung ? Eat fresh and warm, and not to eat food items, which are, cooked once and then again re-heating. Listen your healthy mental and bodily language. He will guide you to take what is good for you.

6. Wenn Sie das Grundprinzip der ayurvedischen Ernährung in einem Satz formulieren sollten, wie würde der Satz lauten ? Every day to use six tastes kepps your doshas in balance. “Nithyam Sarva Rasa Abhyasa”

7. Gibt es etwas, was wir mit unseren Fragen nicht abgedeckt haben, und das Ihnen zu diesem Thema sehr wichtig ist ? Looking the prakrti test (Constitution) and finding out a diet from the ayurveda books can make the people sick. Vikrti is important to look. If a person is Vata prakrti and a Pitta disease , and taking a diet for Vata prakrti with all the spices, meat etc which is good for Vata prakrti but not good for pitta vikrti will aggravate the diseases.

Avoiding completely some food items are also bad. The tastes and food should be added more or reduced according to the diseases or constitution.

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