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Ayurveda – The Healing Touch! Part 3

“Aha!” I exclaim triumphantly “There speaks the impatient Vata!” Sabine had the grace to colour on her pale cheeks.

“When our dhoshas Kappha, Pitta and Vata function properly and all is sweetness and light, the food and even the impressions we ingest though our five senses – and here I am talking about emotional impressions, Ms. Simon ! – produce with the help of our faithful “Agni” or digestive fires - seven dhattus or tissues of which our bodies are made!

Comprehensive nodding on the other side of the desk. “Of course! we are what we eat!” she exclaimed.

I nodded but raised a majestic finger: “Not quite, unfortunately. Ayurveda says “We are what we resorb” – but I ́m getting to that point....” “You will agree with me that the body is a combination of Dhoshas – the Vata, the Pitta and the Kappha. We now throw in the Dhattus or tissues which we have absorbed in their raw state in the form of food and drink and also in the form of impressions and emotions.

We absorb the food juice, we absorb our emotional impressions! It now happens that the physical and well as the mental “Agni” or digestive fire transforms that which we have ingested mentally and physically! The transformed food and the impressions (which are actually emotions) construct the tissues which accompany us for a while in our lives, as our mind and body. Can you follow me?”

Sabine frowned. “How can digestive juices absorb impressions and emotions?” she asks wrinkling up her nose and waving her hands in vata style.

I replied “That’s a tale for long winter evenings so lets just accept it for now as a “given”! Its important for you to have an understanding of the basics.

The nutritional juices after the diegstion of food is the first tissue. We call this “Rasa” Or roughly and crudely translated into western terms, it will be “plamsa”. Now, it is important for the food to be of top quality because the health and stability of the rest of the other six tissues depends on the purity of the health and proper functioning of this Rasa tissue which is first in line! Take your case, Ms. Simon: if there is not enough liquid in the food at the onset, then the other tissues will also gradually dehydrate!”

“That’s why you frown at my eating bread, Dr. Jeevan?” she asked.

“In your particular case history, with your particular dhosha, with your particular present health situation, bread has to be drastically reduced when being eaten in dry condition. Like the infamous ham or cheese sandwiches, we stuff ourselves with in this society!” I said wagging a finger to get the point home. “Go ahead with a slice of bread accompanied with a warm soup or stew! Or even a mild Indian curry!”

The curry fan ́s face lit up! “Oh!” she exclaimed, delighted “Would I be allowed that? A mild and creamy indian dish?”.

“You ́re welcome to all those dishes of exactly that description”! I answered, happy to be a bringer of good news for a change.

From this Rasa tissue, the food proceeds to tissue no. 2 – which is “Rakta” or the blood tissue with its fiery colour – red! And after the filteration process here too – where the tissue takes what it needs to sustain its optimal stability and health, it passes the food juice on further. This goes on through the other 5 tissues. We ́ve got the Mamsa (muscular tissue), the Medha tissue (adipose tissue) , Asthi (bone, joint, tendon and connective tissue), Majja tissue (bone marrow tissue which also represent the deeper tissue such as brain and spinal cord tissue and the neurons) and the final tissue is the finest and most subtle. We call it the “Sukra” tissue and what it entails is the sperm, ovum. We talk about the potential for a future generation. But also the immunological strength of a person.

This subtle anatomy is also very interesting when we follow the development of a foetus. In the first stagte, we see the zygote or initial cell combination as a watery, juicy formation. The next development is the circulation. Then follow the muscles and the fat tissue. The infant grows and develops further. When the child ́s bone development is completed, the child starts to walk.

Brain development involves a nature which will understand and which will question. Finally when the development is completed, the seventh tissue in the form of sperm and ovum develop. We see here seven months for seven tissues. The rest of the 3 months are only there for the organism to gain full maturity.

It is important for you to understand that there is a pattern in the development of tissue. What will surprise you Ms. Simon is that disease also has the very same pattern of development!.

The patient gave her best frown, signifying that this is indeed new to her.

“First the disease will begin in the house of Kappha, then it will graduate to the house of Pitta and finally, in its last stages, it will be in the house of Vata”

Sabine interrupted saying “So there is no escaping those Dhoshas is there?”

“No” I answer “All that is, is categorized under these dhoshas and all that is, goes through the same pattern.

Excessive mucous production, acidic eructations and gas formations are the premonitory symptoms of toxins in our body. This is a result of our low agni / digestive transformation fire. This is the root of absolutely all evil – bear this in mind Ms. Simon! Indeed, memorize this! Low agni – high toxin content! And the opposite: high Agni, low toxin content! What do we call these toxins? Ayurveda calls it “Ama”. Be they, mucous, be they acidic, be they gaseous.

When the body begins to choke up with this evil Ama stuff, the God of healing which resides within us, as I mentioned earlier “Dhanwanthari” - or in a more scientific manner, one could call it “the stabilizing, balancing or healing intelligence” within us, takes over. This intelligence uses the tools of fever, purgation and vomiting to rid the body of the harmful. These tools are the intentional eliminating functions of the body.

Reduced appetite and fatigue signal to us that the body requires strength to fight disease. But we, Ms. Simon, as slaves to our senses, suppress these symptoms with chemical weapons in the form of modern pharmaceuticals. What happens when we imbibe pharmaceuticals when we commence illness? The body tries to put the nutritional essence, which we called “food juice” just a little while ago, along with the pharmaceutical chemical, into the first tissue! the chemical is a toxin in the eyes of the organism. So we are contaminating the line of tissues with more “Ama”! The normal reaction of the body is to produce a fever or as we say in Ayurveda “Jwara” to burn off any ama. Be it mental or physical”.

Sabine leaned forward asking: “Fever burns off mental toxins? How?”

I replied simply “As I said by a burning or transforming action. Mental impressions too are burnt off . There is a mental digestion period. Think of you watching a horror movie... it will take you time to “digest” this. Not necessarily with fever but with time and absorbtion of other positive impressions etc. Many workoholics will suddenly get fevers. They need time to transform their overburdened minds.

Indeed, fever is characterized by general weakness, loss of appetite, headache even for body and for the mind. The best thing you can do is to follow your natural instinct. Fasting and resting.

The body speaks a clear order. Most of our society feel they have to listen to the head. So we suppress because we have to “function”. We give our instincts the back seat. No... actually, we give our bodies the cheap seats! Like the cheap seats in the cinemas in India – the Gallery!! We suppress our dis-ease with chemical weapons!

Ms. Simon, hear me! What does our body now do?”

Ms. Simon ́s face is a picture of bewilderment “I ́ve done this all these years and all I know is that nothing really got better”.

“There you are!” I said triumphantly. “Things get worse, but we don’t necessary realize them getting worse! After swinging our chemical battering ram, we may find initial relief but – and here it comes – the body pushes the ama into the next tissue – the blood tissue. The toxin now sits comfortably in the tissue which is in charge of skin production. What do we find here?

Nice juicy skin problems coming up like itch, eczema. And what do we have in this part of the world by the basketful? Allergies. Lots of “higher” complaints join in with time – we call them “Psoriasis” , “Menstrual problems”. According to our Ayurveda, each and every reaction is a signal for a person to take responsibility for his health and well being, just like you are beginning to do now. To understand which tissue is involved and which dhosha element is involved in its corresponding tissue.

“But what do we do? “ I sighed dolefully, not without a hint of the dramatic “We mask the signals by smearing cortisone creams into our skin. There is no thought of cleansing our bodies or not the faintest idea about changing our food patterns or life styles – at least for a period of time until balance ensues. Main thing is we can function”.

Sabine Simon is busy nodding and making noises of agreement.

She said: “Well, most of us have no idea that the activities of our daily life and our capacity to digest toxins mentally or physically are the cause of these problems, Dr. Jeevan. You have to be merciful in your judgement! What we call modern science focusses on isolating a germ or virus or whatnot which is blamed as the cause of making us sick! So we hand over our personal responsibility for our “dis-ease” – as you call it – to what we consider to be higher authorities. Its all so much easier isn ́t it?” she ends ironically.

“Indeed” I sigh. “It may be a single isolated patient who has the idea that it is the already deranged bodily functions that generate the bacteria and virus. If our immune systems were well and strong, we could face almost anything. Our immune system is a highly organized system of intelligent and strong soldiers. If we treat them well and nourish them well, we can face any oncoming army! Its as simple as that.”

“So the toxins travel stage by stage onto the next tissue level?” asks Sabine Simon aghast.

“I ́m glad you ́ve grasped the principle. They go on to the muscular tissue and create myoma, cysts and polyps”.

The lady opposite was doing some sort of hand-wringing act while shaking her head in horror.

“Yes” I say grimly “and on we go to the fatty tissue. There it produces hypercholesterol, obesity and diabetes”.

“I don’t believe this! Obesity too?” she exclaimed. “All those people out there with weight problems? Battling with all kinds of diets? I suppose that’s why most diets cannot really have a lasting effect. And what about diabetes? That too is a result of suppressed disease?”

I nodded, waiting for all this information to sink in.

She broke the silence “I now finally understand how my illnesses and “dis-ease” simply hadto come about. Its logical, isn ́t it? So clear. Just..... well, just so, so ... – logical”. She relapsed into her silence. “Actually, when I follow my “via dolorosa” or “path of pain”, Dr. Jeevan, the menstruation problems, the myoma, the allergic reations on the skin, the polyarthritis as a sort of “Grand Finale”...”

I interrupted: “Oh no, Ms. Simon – that is not the “Grand Finale” – the “poisonous snake will move further, there is more tissue for it to destroy....”

The poor woman in front of me almost shouted “No! No more! As you say, it really does resemble some sort of venomous serpent. Slithering its way unseen to all of us... Something out of a horror movie..”

“Well... that’s just the way it goes. Let me continue... You will now understand that the pain in joints and the involvement of many joints show that the fifth tissue -. “Asthi” is involved. Bone tissue. The disease is established in the bone and joints which are Vata tissue, remember Ms. Simon? And the sense organs are the ears, the skin and the house is the Colon. Now logically speaking, you will agree that the previous diseases were in the previous tissues”.

More vigourous nodding. “I think I ́ve grasped the idea Dr. Jeevan, I ́ve not got the terms and expressions right yet”

“Ms. Simon, you only have to grasp the principle! And I am going to show you how one can forecast the future of these neglected, or even, one could say “aggravated” conditions. I know you shouted “No More!!” a minute ago but I want you to grasp how Vata will continue”.

Sabine sat bolt upright in her chair, paying close attention. She prepared herself mentally to listen to a possible prognosis of her present condition. I had the impression that she had even stopped breathing.

I continued. “The disease-intelligence has the will to spread. The serpent will continue its motion forward. Its like a game of dominoes, Ms. Simon”. Within the next few years, we will be looking at possible problems related to the powers of concentration. We will be facing possible neurological problems like Alzheimer”.

I smiled at her in an effort to pacify her shock.

“You see, when it reaches the final tissue, the whole disease is well developed and established in each tissue. It can also affect the “memory chip” of our whole body - the sperm or ovum, the immunity and it begins to cause auto-immune diseases. See! it even affects the next generation! Think of the poor innocent and contaminated next generation!

I find that it generally takes a span of 10 years for the passage of toxins to travel from one tissue to the next. Think of your initial life span from 10 to 20 years of age. Disease will be connected to the blood tissues. From the 20s to the 30s, you will see the arrival of muscular tissue-connected complaints – as we said : myoma and cysts and so on. We then hit the forties. What do we find in our naughty forties? We find the problem with fat-related tissue. In our fifties, we begin to have trouble with bone and joint related tissue. And so on and so forth....

The constructions of the tissues are from rasa to Sukra, but the natural destruction is from the 7th tissue backwards.

Sabine Simon said softly “I ́m hitting my fifties. So I have to take a look at my bones. Isn ́t that so, Dr. Jeevan?”

I smiled acknowledging her comment. “Ms. Simon, the cold and damp weather as we have it here in Europe, increases Vata. That is why you always had a problem in winter or even during a rainy spell. But right now, at this point of time, your complaints are always there, regardless of seasons. So this suggests that the disease has established itself nice and cosy”.

“So when do other dhoshas increase?” asked Ms. Simon.

“Pitta problems start accumulating in Autumn and Kappha in Spring. See! Spring is the beginning of the year –again we start the cycle with Kappha. We have Green and we have flowers blooming. Then we have Orange and red colours – the Pitta season. Note the starting letters of the colours! And then we have “D” for “Dull” and grey and dried up and dark – a typical Vata season!”

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