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14 days PANCHAKARMA Detox Plan

Panchakarma or 5 cleansing methods in Ayurveda, helps to clean the wastes accumulated in our gastro intestinal system,   tissues,  vital organs like Liver, Kidney, Lungs, Gall bladder, 5 senses like ear, skin, eyes, toungue and nose and  also from the mind.


Ama Pachana, Purvakarma, Panchakarma & Rasayana

Ama pachana is the preparatory phase for the body in anticipation of the actual treatment, which ensues. Toxins held within the body tissues are bound and mobilized by intake of herbal decoctions and simultaneously by following nutritional guidelines. The more thorough this phase is attended to, the more optimal the therapy results will be.

The first phase is introduced to the patient generally 14 – 30 days ahead of arrival to the centrum and is supervised by Dr. Jeevan.

Purva karma is the name given to the medicated oil therapies and sweating therapies.

Panchakarma– the five different types of cleansing therapies will be done depends on the individual condition of each patient, varying therapies are selected out of the pancha karma program. This second stage will take up between 14 to 45 days, depending on the chronicity of the disease.

Rasayana the final stage of Ayurvedic treatment, which nourishes the system after the detox, thereby building it up in the long run and ensuring maintenance of stability. The doctor will assess your needs in all the three stages of treatment.

Even the 14 days of Panchakarma is organized as 3 days for mobilization of toxins, 7 days for cleansing  and 4 days for stablisation .

3 days with juices, manda & herbal Teas : Inorder to mobilize further the toxins from the deeper tissues which are accumulated and stagnated we do a 3 days ama pachana with juices, mania (clear soups) and herbal teas during the time of Panchakarma.

7 days with Peya, Vilepi: The further seven days are the cleansing days so that a very light diet like soup (Peya) and increased the solid contents in the soup in the next coming days (Vilepi).

4 days with Yusha , Rasa & Audana: The next 4 days the vegetable soups are mixed with grains (Akruta Yusha) and also mixed with fat and spices (Kruta Yusha). Further more the soups are changed to Broth which are also mixed with and without spices and fat (Akruta Rasa & Kruta Rasa).

Thus the Agni- the principle of digestive fire is given less fuel during the mobilisation and cleansing days. But slowly improved the agni by adding the fats and spices in the stabilization stage.

karnataka Kanji- Medicial rice soup

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