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Diseases of the Civilization: An Answer from Ayurveda.

The modern men are facing not only the problems of BACTIRIAS AND VIRUSES. The most of the diseases which are found in the west and civilised places are stress, mental agony, anxiety etc which are the basic symptoms explained in age old Ayurveda as the root causes of diseases. It is very interesting that 2000 years ago the Ayurveda explains that diseases are mental origin and now in 2000 after Christ stress is the biggest killer of modern men. Look this short History of Medicine:

Doctor, I have an ear ache

2000 BC         :   Eat this rootAD 1000         :   That root is heathen. Here, say this prayer.

AD 1850         :   That prayer is superstitious. Here, drink this potion.

AD 1940         :    That potion is snake oil, Here swallow this pill

AD 1985         :   That pill is ineffective Here take this antibiotic

AD 2000         :   That antibiotic is artificial here take this root

(Author unknown Quoted in petty, Mike editor 2001 Eden projects The Guide, Eden project books)

Now the diseases are originated with multiple factors. Fast food, Stress, Pollution / Micro and Macro, Reduction of religious practices, Drug addictions, Loss of Love, Ego/Anger/Frustration are some among them.

Until the present era, death was caused by sudden onset conditions. Sudden Onset conditions are easily curable by School Medicine. Today, conditions that slowly develop over many years as we age, causes more deaths. These diseases do NOT respond themselves to a relief by School Medicine.

Lifestyle diseases, or Diseases of Civilization, are a result of an inappropriate relationship of people with their environment. Lifestyle diseases are diseases that appear to become ever more widespread as countries become more industrialized. Lifestyle diseases are different from other diseases because they are potentially preventable, and can be lowered with changes in diet, lifestyle, and environment. In 1900, the top three causes of death in the United States were pneumonia / influenza, tuberculosis, and diarrhoea/enteritis. In 1900, heart disease and cancer were ranked number #4 and #8 respectively. Since the 1940's, most deaths in the United States have resulted from heart disease, cancer, and other lifestyle diseases. And, by the late 1990's, lifestyle diseases accounted for more than 60 percent of all deaths.

Stress related environment can lead to hypertension, anxiety neurosis, headache, sleeplessness, and depression, hyperacidity and cardiac problems.

The lifestyle that does not involves any physical activities at home and work area leads to Obesity, Diabetes, Joint diseases, Heart & Vascular diseases, Hypertension, increased Cholesterol level, Vertebral problems and Spondylosis

Improper daily routines, Lack of positive outlook, Lack of righteous attitude, Lack of proper sleep & diet habits leads to insomnia, anxiety, digestive disorders, neurological ailments & immunological problems & Cardiovascular diseases. use of alcohol, smoking & Pan chewing leads to liver diseases, heart problems, cancer, anxiety, tension, hyperacidity.

Environmental Factors such as Pollution –Air, Water & Earth, Climatic Conditions, Aeroallergens can leads to respiratory allergies, rhinitis, asthma, vision & hearing problems, memory problems, headache, dermatitis, rheumatism, infertility disorders, birth defects and cancer.

No time !

Choice of Death is yours. Everybody naturally has to die of something, but lifestyle diseases or stress related diseases take people before their time. Too many people are dying relatively young from Heart Disease and Cancer and other lifestyle diseases in modern times. The choice is yours: die young now or at a ripe old age.

To see the nature of Western medicine in itself, it should be viewed before the 1980´s, when the influence of natural medicine began to be apparent. As described above, suppression (of the malfunctioning machine) and antibiotics (annihilation of pathogens) were two major concepts of treatment. At that time, maintaining health as a developed system, for example diet and lifestyle recommendations - was not for the most part. The essential concept of the role of the physician was seen as treating illness, not maintaining health.

In the past 30 years the landscape has changed considerably. That diet, lifestyle, movement, stress reduction, etc. significantly influence health and the development of disease, including that disease develops over time, and therefore the importance of maintaining health, is no longer questioned. That includes in areas such as maintaining mental alertness into old age.

As you know that the causes for the lifestyle diseases are multi causal the treatments are also multidisciplinary.

Proper eating with constitutional diet counselling, Proper Breathing with yogic Pranayama techniques, Proper relaxation or maintaining a good sleep, Proper Exercises or yoga asanas, Proper detoxification of the body or an yearly Panchakarma procedure from Ayurveda are the main methods what we use in west to preserve health and cure the diseases. The health resorts originated in the medical wellness sectors of Germany are an example for this. Even though the                   health insurance is not paying for Ayurveda in Germany, but the tremendous interests of people to do a panchakarma or Life style medicine from Ayurveda is a lot. My experience in the last 10 years in Germany convinces that there is a good awareness of Ayurveda and Yoga among the western public to maintain health. I am whole heartedly inviting you all to see this well structured health resorts in Ayurveda at Germany. And how the other allied medical systems working parallel on the patient for maintaining health.

Healing is a team work: A Physician, Astrologer, A Spiritual healer / Psychologist, A yogic Master, A Nutritionist, A Social worker.

The power is in You:

Ayurveda believes that human body is competent enough to handle any challenge provided it gets the required support.

So the treatments are basically aimed at strengthening and rejuvenating the body's own mechanisms for healing.

As it is said ' the healer within the body is an extension of the cosmic healer who creates life and sustains this universe'. So the potential is immense. The possibilities are unlimited. We just need to help it manifest in healing

He attains peace, within whose mind all desires flows without creating any mental disturbance, as river waters enter the full ocean without creating any disturbance. Not he is carried away by desires. One who desires material objects is never peaceful.

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