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Dosha balancing Dinner

Since the breakfast is meant for Kapha parts of the body (the head and chest)- the brain and senses;Lunch is meant for your Pitta organs (stomach & intestines)- Liver and Pancreas; the dinner is planned for the Vata organs like the (colon and legs)- the bones & Mind !

Since the colon is the organ for absorption of the watery materials, it is better to have a fluid diet during the dinner. If you are Vata Prakriti or Vikrit; aged more than 60 years, living in a cold and dry climate, having a hectic life- better to select a fluid neutron which is well cooked, slowly cooked and spiced with asafoetida, nutmeg, ginger, cumin seeds etc which are data pacifying spices. A beet root soup; carrot soup; vegetable soup; Mung dhal soup; red rice soup; and any kind of tubers in a form of soups are highly beneficial for balancing your Vata problems. Remember that just some soups can heal most of the colon cancer, chronic constipation and osteoporosis. Come and learn how to make soups with different spices and tubers which can make your stomach and intestines have a light food before you are going to sleep. A light soup will promote a good sleep!

Soup for Dinner

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