• Dr.Jeevan.E.P

Exploring the Potential for Ayurveda in Germany

A quality control for Ayurveda practices, Research, Preparations.

Help the young Ayurveda graduates from India to propagate, promote and Practice authentic Ayurveda in Germany.

A country representative of Ayurveda doctor whom working with Embassy, AYUSH department and the Ministry.

Import of Ayurvedic Traditional preparations from Indian Ayurveda companies.

Co-operation with German - Indian Universities for Education in Ayurveda

Green List of Authentic Ayurveda Medical centers for Panchakarma in India for medical tourism.

Protect our knowledge and Heritage and seed them in proper way!

Or do you want to propagate and support the unscientific practices, wellness massages, poor Ayurveda teachings, research conducted by non - Ayurvedic doctors?

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