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Procedure of holding oil or decoctions in the buccal cavity for certain period is known as gandusha. Since the mouth is completely filled with fluid gargling is impossible. The taste of plants used in the oil or decoctions can exhibit their local effect in the buccal cavity.

Coating of the mouth by sweet taste, excessive salivation by sour taste, increased perception of taste by salt taste, irritation of the mouth by pungent taste, clarity of the mouth by bitter taste, and stiffness of the tounge by astringent tast all are the examples of local effects of drugs in the mouth. The drugs having inherent qualities like Vyvayi and Vikashi gets absorbed from the mouth and gets distributed in the whole body Therefore the drugs used are significant important in Gandusha treatment.

Types of Gandusha:

Snigdha Gandusha: In this medicated oils are used. This is used in alleviating Vata dosha in the Mouth and Head region.

Arimeda Thailam

Samana Gandusha: Sweet and coll infusions or oils are used in the form of gandusha for reducing Pitta dosha.

Medicated Milk;

Sodhana Gandusha

Here warm oils with Pungent plants infusions or oils are used to reduce the Kapha dosha. This type of gandusha increases and cleanses the mucus in the oro pharengeal cavity.

Ropana Gandusha: Here astringent and bitter plants are used and heal the ulcers in the mouth

Saptachadai gandusha.

Benefits: In addition to the conditions listed above

Improves strength of the mandible and the buccal muscles so that it can be used in facial paralysis

To improve voice

To improve the taste

Tongue palsy

Prevents gingivitis

Prevents dental carries

Brighter & whiter teeth

Healthier gums

Removes mucus from the mouth and tongue

Prevents bad breath

Decreases headaches

Clears the sinuses

Helps to alleviating allergies

Helps to decrease inflammation

How to oil pull:

Oil pulling should be done first thing in the morning, before brushing your teeth, eating or drinking.

1. Take 1 TBSP of Arimeda oil. Put the oil in your mouth, and slowly swish, suck, and pull the oil through your teeth. Do this for at least 10 – 20 minutes.

2. Spit the oil out. The oil should be a thin, white foam when you finally spit it out. You will find that when you spit it out, that there is much more liquid coming out as you put in. This is due to the pulling effect on the saliva. The saliva is made up of Rasa Dhatu. In Ayurveda this is the plasma – the liquid portion of the blood, blood plasma, and lymph system. As a result, it supports the cleansing of the blood and the lymphatic.

3. Rinse your mouth out well with water. Do not gargle and do not swallow the oil as it may now contain parasites and bacteria. You can also gargle and rinse your mouth with water mixed with a TSP of baking soda to keep the terrain of your moth cleaner and more alkaline.

4. Follow by drinking 2 – 3 glasses of water either warm or at room temperature.

After procedure:

There is not much restriction after gandusha, but light food which is not producing excess salivation should be avoided.

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