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Home Care Ayurveda-Part 1

Updated: May 21, 2019

During my Yoga session I came across a flyer explaining about home care Ayurveda in Germany. I always wanted to do a Panchakarma somewhere in India especially in Kerala. People have talked a lot about Kerala- the mother land of Ayurveda. But it always discouraged me with so many unwanted thoughts and prejudices. The long flights, too spicy food, hygienic conditions, recent reports in BBC and CNN like misbehavior to ladies, crowded cities, pollution, Malaria, Dengue fever, foods with pesticides, plastic contamination etc. This makes me to take the flyer and to investigate more about this home care in Germany.

As I researched more through internet www.ayurveda-care.de regarding the home care , I found it more interesting. The Ayurveda doctor and his wife are coming from Kerala and they are living here in Germany since more than 15 years. As I understood that Dr.Jeevan is usually travelling in so many cities in Germany to conduct conferences. Luckily he will be in berlin within 2 months and doing a conference regarding psychosomatic diseases in the concept of Ayurveda. Any way I decided to call him tomorrow for more information.

“Hallo Dr Jeevan, I am Andrea Weil. I would like to meet you for doing a Panchakarma at your Home Care center. Is it possible to get more information about your center? I know that you have special dates in each month and special seasonal dates for each dosha for treatments. How many days will be minimum for a panchakarma? What will be the price for 10 days? “

Pelhamer See

Dr. Jeevan, cleared me most of my questions. First of all we should meet and make an Ayurveda consultation. Depends on the dosha / Dhathu and mala involvements I should follow a nutritional guidelines and some herbal preparations to detox. The coming November he will be in Berlin and I can get an appointment by calling his organiser and heilpraktiker Cora Ameer in Berlin. “ he explained me the price, the general treatments what will be there during panchakarma and the center at Pelham.

After the conversation still I had so many questions. How many treatments I will have, What should I do during the day? Can I swimm in the pelhamer see? Can I bring my dog or Bicycle? Is the food is biologic? I am vegan, can I get some rice milk or almond milk ? Whether he has experience in treating burn-out? My mind was full of questions and Suspicions.

The days passed away. I realized that this is the day where Dr. Jeevan is making the Conference at Cora Ameer´s center about psychosomatic diseases in the concept of Ayurveda. I just rushed for the seminar and meet to him get my doubts to be cleared.

When I entered into the room, Dr.Jeevan told me Namasthe and given shake hands. I introduced my self and remind him that we have an appointment at 10 o clock tomorrow.

During the conference he explained about Tridosha and the Vata doshas involvement in the psychosomatic diseases. Any movements are taken place if there is a space and air. If it is flowing freely there is no pressure during movements. But in our life the movements are either controlled or not moving freely. We just keep this and brood over. The mind stuff is full of thoughts and it is not moving freely. We just catch them, worry about them, brood over them. Let it move out, let them flow out. The city like this in Berlin is very nice to live. Cultural programs, several restaurants, parks, dance floors, clubs and a lot of job opportunities. But are you satisfied? We run from one impulse to another. We change jobs, friends’ even partners for searching for pleasures and satisfaction. We never realized that we are human beings with a body, mind and soul. Not a machine, which has to work, till the engine stops. The unlimited appointments and work without thinking the capacity of a person plus the management of time make stress in our life. If you limit to your self and manage your time there is no word called stress.

Dr.Jeevan explained a lot about unconditional love, how to manage time, how to lead a daily and seasonal health care, detoxing the body with panchakarma etc. His eyes and hands moved with enthusiasm and authenticity of his science what he learned.

During the Consultation he asked me about his job, partnership, joint problems, and so many questions, which are irrelevant for me, but for a holistic Ayurveda approach that was a lot relevant. The nutrition what I should follow before 4 weeks of panchakarma and the herbal combinations what I should take , the yoga sequence what should I do connected with Ayurveda were very much interesting and logical for me. I always done a yoga in a group which was dynamic and energy depleting. But he explained me the yoga should be prescribed by an Ayurveda doctor and the yoga teacher should teach the sequence. Knowing the constitution (Parkaruti) or derangement (Vikruti) yoga can do miracles in the body and mind.

Dr.Jeevan continued that the 500 muscles in one hour is not the yoga, there are very developed methods in Germany for muscle makers or 6 packers.

I had a lot of questions about Power yoga and Iyengar Yoga etc. Even I yengar was doing muscle developing yoga. But I had not much time to ask these questions.

After 2 months I started my journey from Berlin to Chiemsee-Pelham. I was prepared with vegetarian diet and herbal decoctions before the Panchakarma at Berlin. Even it was so hard to me to be vegetarian and the taste of decoctions almost made me to vomit. But my water retension in the body was so much reduced and I lost almost 4 Kg during the last weeks.

I never travelled to south of Germany. For me Bayern is like a conservative people who are having a elevated nose. Even it is Germany the dialect is very difficult to understand for me.

Chris Gott- I reached Pelham, a small place where 100 Einwhoner are living. The hotel See blick and the Elisabath Gaste haus is facing the beautiful Pelhamer See. Even I suddenly noticed that the air is much lighter and smoke free not like the Berlin Air.

The next day morning at 8.30 I went upstairs to the home care center for breakfast as per the schedule what I got by e mail. Dr.Jeevan welcomed me and introduced his wife Bianca. She is preparing the breakfast. He show me the living room which is used as a yoga and relaxing room. The seen out of the big window through the living room was fantastic. The pelhamer see is still and the other side is the forest and alps. I can not take my eyes, it is just like a picture. He show me also the treatment rooms, bath rooms etc. There were 3 more guests joined with us and accompanied during the introduction of rooms and places. He told me that the treatments will be in the morning and afternoon. In between to take rest as much as possible. No to go for swimming or cycling. I was just wondered that it is a small home without any specialty. After that we all went for breakfast which is served in the kitchen. The food was something with Semilona. He explained us that this is called Uppuma- never heard in my life. Bianca told that we will pray a mantra before eating and enjoy the food in silence. Then they started singing something in a special language. Brahmarpanam…”

The mantra was also in my file, which Jeevan has given in the morning with treatments plans and some instructions. The uppuma seved with warm banana. I was skeptical to eat, since I never had semilona as breakfast and even with warm bananas. I just missed my whole wheat bread and strawberry Jam. The tea what tgey served was Ginger tea and I again missed my latte macchiato.

But the uppuma taste was very enjoyable and light. The semilona in ghee with rasins, cashew, cardamom, saffron and with Banana! MMM I loved it !








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