• Dr.Jeevan.E.P


Persons having predominance of Kapha, are mild in nature, possess deep seated unctuous and well knit joints and muscles, are not much troubled by hunger, thirst, unhappiness, strain and heat; endowed with intelligence, right attitude and truthfulness; possess colour like lotus, gold; have long arms, big and elevated chest, big wide fore-head, thick and blue hair; soft, even, well defined and good looking body, of great vigour, sexual power, more of semen, children and attendants; are of righteous, benevolent nature, do not speak harsh and abusively; enmity, concealed and deep for long time; their gait is like of an elephant; possess good memory, humbleness, do not weep much even in childhood; voice like the roaring clouds, ocean, drum or lion; are not greedy, consume food which are bitter, astringent, pungent, hot, dry and less quantity, and still remains strong; their eyes are red at angles, unctuous, wide, long, with well defined white and black spheres and with more eye lashes; have less speech, anger, desire for drink wine, food activities; endowed with more life, wealth, foresight; have faith in God, granting gifts, charity; dignified, forgiving nature, slow, grateful, straight forward, pleasant to look at, obedient to elders, and of fast friendship; dream reservoirs of water, row of birds and clouds and resemble like swan, elephant, horse, lion and bull.

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