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Karnanada (Tinnitus)

Case definition:

Ear is a sense organ derived from the element Ether. Skin is the next sense organ dominated by Air element. Both Ether & Air elements make the Vata Dosha, which is responsible for the whole movements in the body. These two elements have the qualities of hearing and touching which is perceived by ear & skin.

The motor organs connected with Ether and Air is Vocal cords & Hand.

We talk with the motor organ and we hear with the sense organ-Ear. Same way we touch or feel with the motor organ hand and understand by the sense organ Skin. If any disturbances in sound / speech / loud / suppressed voice/ too much talk / doesn’t want to hear others will disturb the sense organ Ear, or creates the diseases like Tinnitus. In one way it is too much activity or space / ether in our Body-Mind machine which results in such diseases. If the sense organ – ear is having problem it can also effect the vocal cord or throat like thyroid problems. Any person who is suffering from tinnitus or thyroid problem there is a direct connection of these two diseases, since the elements of Ear and Throat is the same. In Ayurveda the throat is considered as the Visudhi Chakra, which is responsible for communication. If our communication is imbalanced, the receiver of communication will be in trouble.

Colon is the main house of vata. Bones, joints and tendons are the tissues connected with vata. Fecal matter is the waste product connected with vata. If you analyze deeply according to Ayurveda, the disease or symptoms on any of the part will badly influence the sense organ, motor organ, tissue or waste product. So tinnitus is not to be a fragmented as an organ based disease, it is only a symptom of one of the underlying diseases either in colon or tissue or excretion.

Above all Mind, which is the main invisible organ, is fully made out of vata dosha. Disturbances in the mental level like unwanted thoughts, inability for time management, excessive stress will affect the ears. You are flying in the sky by too many thoughts and you will suffer from Tinnitus. So come back to earth- or earthen your thoughts ! It is just like you are going up into the sky or ether by taking off in the airplane, which affects your ear!


The smptoms like Sounds in the ear (Karna Nada); Vata Vitiation in the Vata organs:Vata Vruddhi - Vata sthana; Ether element Vitiation in Ether Sense Organ: Akasa bhuta vrudhi - Vata Indiya; Dryness, Mobile qualities are increased: Ruksha, Chala guna


Sabdavahi Sira samsthe Srunothi Pavane Muhu

Nadanakasmatvividhan Karna nadam vadanti tam (AH/Utt/17/8)

Other causes are Ear infection, Otosclerosis, Tumors of middle ear, Meniere´s disease, Anemia, Hypertension, Atherosclerosis, Aspirin overdose.


Ringing, roaring, whistling, hissing, buzzing sound in one or both of the ears.

Treatment principle:

Typical vata reducing treatments with Vatareducing nutrition, Vata Specific oil therapy (Kevala Vata Chikitsa); internal administration of Herbal ghees which makes the person rooted (Snehapana)and specific warm oil filling in the ear (Karna Purana). Plants are used in Karnanada; Aswatta, Vilwa, Arka & Eranta. Sarsahapa thaila with hingu, Tvak as karna purana.

Plants: Vilwa (Aegle marmalos) ; Aswatha (Ficus religiosa)

Eranda( Ricinus communis); Arka (Calotropis gigentea)

Sarshapa (Brasica junctea) ; Sigru (Moringa olifera)

Hingu (Ferula asafetida); Mulaka (Raphanus sativus)

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