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Procedure of holding oil or decoctions in the buccal cavity followed by gargling for a certain period is known as Kavala. In ganusha the liquid medicine is kept undisturbed for a specific period. In contrast to this liquid medicine is used for gargling in case of Kavala.

Types of Kavala:

Snigdha Kavala: In this medicated oils are used. This is used in alleviating Vata dosha in the Mouth and Head region.

Arimeda Thailam

Prasadi Kavala: Sweet and coll infusions or oils are used in the form of kavala for reducing Pitta dosha.

Medicated Milk;

Sodhi Kavala

Here warm oils with Pungent plants infusions or oils are used to reduce the Kapha dosha. This type of kavala increases and cleanses the mucus in the oro pharyngeal cavity.

Ropana Gandusha: Here astringent and bitter plants are used and heal the ulcers in the mouth

Saptachadai Kashayam.

Benefits:  In addition to the conditions listed above

Improves strength of the mandible and the buccal muscles so that it can be used in facial paralysis

Diseases of the ear

Improves stability of the teeth and gums

Reduces dental hypersensitivity.

To improve voice

To improve the taste

Tongue palsy

Prevents gingivitis

Prevents dental carries

After procedure:

There is not much restriction after gandusha, but light food which is not producing excess salivation should be avoid

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