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Ksheera Seka is a bath which contains milk, typically in a powdered form which hydrates as it settles. People have been bathing in milk for centuries to improve their skin; historically, people believed that milk made skin whiter and firmer. Milk baths also help to clean the skin, provide natural exfoliation, and tend to soften and smooth the skin, especially when milk baths are undertaken on a regular basis. Cleopatra is probably the most notable historical figure who used a milk bath, allegedly submerging herself in a bath of milk and honey on a regular basis. Numerous other historical figures used milk baths for skin care, including men, and the practice continues to be quite popular. Generally, a milk bath is very mild, making it suitable for all skin types, and it is followed with a shower to rinse off and a coating of moisturizer to seal in the benefits of the milk. So how do you get the milk’s benefits without the financial and ethical guilt associated with bathing in a tub of cow’s milk? Sponge with milk. Warm up some milk, 2-3 cups, and pour into a bowl. Add a few rose petals. Then get a cotton cloth or natural fiber clean sponge, and sponge your body with it – tip to toe. Relax 5-10 minutes then shower off.

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