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Kurunthottikkalla , Vaidyanau Vatam! Part 1

Ayurvedam oru chikitsa sampradayamano? Atho oru enna thoniyile malpitutthamo? Atho pacha marunnukalute samkeerna misrana creamo, soppo Shampoovo? Ini athonnumalla oru vykthikku nischyikkavunnatho, vykthikku vendi orukkunnatho aya sukha chiktsa kendramo? Is Ayurveda a medical system? Or it is a vigourous and fast forward massge on a wooden table? Or is it a cream, shampoo or soap produced out of a mixture of healing herbs ? Orelse a center where a wellness program can be decided by an individual or a cemter where a package of wellness program decided for an individual?

What do you think about the above questions? Jagdeesh from Saudi Arabia: since the last 2 years I have some back and neck pain while sitting and working for long hours with computer, I was interested to get some oil massages. One of my friend suggested me a good and clean massage center. I have seen a lot of advertisement in the internet with Ayurveda massages, so I try to locate what is very near to my home town -Trichur. Finally I found a center and got a lot of massages with a very bad smelling oil. He massaged me very strongly on a wooden table that is so hard and hurting for me. The masseure who is also with strong muscles given all his pressure on my back. He has also done some procedure like pouring oil on my forehead unnecessrily. I do not know for what for all these oils on my whole head. But finally I end up in an othopedic hospital because of a prolapse of my intervertebral disc resulted from the firm pressure of the Ayurveda therapists. Even the results where negative some how I enjoyed this oil massages. According to me Ayurveda is a massage therapy with some bad smelling oils with a lot of pressure. May be it was used as a body building massage in olden days!!

Lyidia from Germany: According to me it is a medical system or a complementary medical system. Since I was 11 years of age,I was suuferring from multiple joint inflammation. After 3 years , that means Since I was 14 I was completely bed ridden and slowly handicapped. Then completely immobile and sitting on a wheel chair. 5 years before I started doing Ayurveda treatments under the guidance of an Ayurveda doctor. He explained to me the cause of disease, the approach of treatments in Ayurveda for poly arthritis, the nutritional guidelines which reduces the aggravated dosha, panchakarma treatmnents in every year for removing the toxins, a follow up what I should do at home including the self therpies. Overall I am practising this living style according to the Ayurveda traditional methods with the guidance of the vaidya- the Ayurveda doctor. At present I can move most of my joints again, can talk, think, sleep and also can walk some steps on my tip of the toes with a support. According to me, the ayurveda medical system helped me to come back in my life more than our school medical system.!

Anita Agarwal from New Delhi: I think that ayurveda is a system which shows us a lot natural things can be used in our daily life as cosmetics instead of applying the chemical creams. For example, I use different kinds of night cream, day cream, hair shampoo, bathing gels, mouth refreshner, mouth wash, tooth paste, hair dyes, waxing cream, foot cream, nail polish, nail strgthner , mascara, eye liner, lip stick, eye water etc.

These products are very essential for me to keep my beauty since I am a top model in mumbai industry. I spend aroud Rs 30000 per month, if I buy these products from Kenzo, Channel, Tommy Hilfiger like western brands. If I buy from Body shop, Weleda or Dr.Haushka products that may be again costly which 100% natural and organic.

But now I am so happy that there is a company called Ayurveda which produces a lot herbal products of the same with our Indian herbs. According to me Ayurveda is a company of cosmetics purely for women.! Lucia from Switzerland:

Ayurveda is very good for removing the stress from our day to day life. I used to go every year in Srilanka or Kerala for a wellness holidays. I am not doing this with travel agencies now a days. I book this directly from the internet and sort which massages are good for me. Some years before I used to go cannarian Islands or carribien islands. What do you do there? Only to lay on the beach and lot of beer and fish. But now a days I prefer to go asia and they have this welness Ayurveda. These are some nice aromatic oil massages, spicy and tasty food, cocktails with coconut water and little bit of Alcohol and a calm beach ! You can book through internet these packages, whether you need a luxus Ayurveda or standrad Ayurveda. Everything is well organised from the airport pickup to the airport drop. During the days we have every day the so called Abhyanga - the oil massage and feet - pada abhyanga. I love the food in Kerala, Goa and Srilanka. You have a lot of choice for the food, from lobsters to king prwans. Moktails to Cocktails. Normal massages to cross massages. After the massage a nice sun bath and swimm in the sea! Wow. I love Ayurveda. According to me Ayurveda is a wellness holidays in some of the resorts where an individual can choose according to the capacity of his pocket.!

Sandra stadik from Portugal. I agree with Lucia. I had the same experiences. Now a days I am going to Thailand or Srilanka more for Ayurveda holidays. I love to go Kerala, but to reach kerala- India is a lot of stress. First you should apply a visa from your own country and it takes a lot of procedures. And the behaviour of the Indian embassy people in my country is horrible. There is no direct flight to Kerala. You have to always through gulf countries and that is again time consuming. After all these procedures to reach the resort in Kerala, Oh God there is no roads in Kerala, Only holes on the God's own country ! And to return after the holidays is the same hurdles. But to Srilanka and Thailand you get the visa on arrival, travel trip to and fro is easy going. So I prefer my Ayurveda at Thailand and Srilanka.

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