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Kurunthottikkalla , Vaidyanau Vatam! Part 2

Cristina Salzmann from Frankfurt. I do not agree at all with both of you. It is a medical system of ancient India like lydia explained. The important one is the Ayurveda doctor and the patient. The ambient or this kind non vegetarian food is not at all important in Ayurveda treatments. There should be a clean atmosphere, clean toilet, hygenic procedures, well experienced therapists, and the basic things what we need for our daily life. This is a detoxifying treatment. It is important to have a good and simple vegetarian food . More than everything a doctor who explians what is the cause and the efficiancy of different Ayurveda treatment and herbs. He has to decide what is good for my health and healing, not like Lucia told that it is the desicion of the client through internet. Dr. Deepti Metha from Mumbai. Ohh I am sorry. I also thought that it is a cosmetic company. When you open the TV channels you can see a lot of advertisement from the Ayurveda company. Hair oils, hair shampoos and creams etc. Even now a days some capsules for improving sexual power! If it is medicine or medical system why should they advertise? I never seen an advertisemnt of cortisone or cardiac surgery on televisions. Since I am coming from a modern medical field and specilised in neuro Surgery, I never advertised my treatment methods. If Ayurveda is a medical system like Western medicine, why there is no reimbursement? Even I am an Indian origin but born and brought up in UK, I never heared that Ayurveda is Indian Origin. Then why do not they put as a National system of Medicine? We are always proud of India and Indian origins. We have Nathional Anthem, National flag, bird, animal etc, but Why the Government is not taking a decicion Like China to promote this system. So I also belive like Anita Agarwal that this is a cosmetic company. Hans Peter from Austria: I agree with Jagdeesh & Anita. Ayurveda is totally a massage system may be with different cosmetic herbal creams. As I am pilot of Luftanza and used to travel from Frankfurt to Mumbai usually, I get massages of Ayurveda at Oberoi or Intercontenental hotels. Even sometimes a cross massage from beautiful Indian girls. Now a days Ayurveda is also available in most of the Austrian hotels like holiday inn etc. So I am totally convinced that Ayurveda is a massage system. And I never seen a doctor in such centers. That is true, jagdeesh added. I also have not seen any Ayurveda doctor when I had the disc prolapse. Only the massure! Sorry guys. I have seen a lot of Ayurveda doctors working in some centers and resorts. Jasmine from Germany started the conversation. I work for a medical tourism company in Germany since the last 15 years. But any of the Ayurveda doctors where not able to explain me why they are doing sirodhara, why they use a lot of oil in pizhichil and what is the action of pizhichill and Abyangam? What is the food for my individual constitution ? What should I avoid when I have a disese? Why there is sneha vasthi, Kashaya vasthi? Kashyams? Arishtams? Lehyams? Churnas? What means Tridosha? Basic theory of Ayurveda

etc. I had a lot of questions. I met almost 25 doctors from Kerala and Srilanka from different wellness resorts & hospitals and each person told my Prakruti and Vikruti as different. And they were not ready to clear my doubts. They ignored my questions and when they answered that were not satisfactory. Or they explained the Ayurvedic theory in modern medical way. I do not need this mixture. May be they are not confident with their science, that may be the reason they are explainig through the modern medical terms. I come for Ayurveda and my clients are travelling to India with all the hurdles and burden for getting a help from this medical system. They come because they have no other way in modern medical system or fed up with the ever changing theories of western medical system. Every 10 years we have new theory and new medicines. That is why we approach Ayurveda which is an everlasting theory and still relevent to heal with its traditional components. So that I would like to know the logic of Ayurveda in ayurvedic terms in a simple logic way with a simple understandable language. I found that most of the doctors use the sanskrit words to make the theory more complex or to explain again in the scholol medical way which we are not interested. For a simple example, I asked about the Sirodhrara for its relevence. I asked about why some people do with warm oil and others with cold oils. I never wanted to do a siro dhara any more beacuse the oil was so cold. Only in the beging it is was warm and then it is ice cold. Some doctors explained me of doing with warm oil continously as siro dhara. And I felt good during that time to reduce my vata- neurological problems. Mohanan the therapist added: Yes madame, Not only in the theory, but even in the treatments there are difference of opinion among Ayurveda doctors. I worked in kerala resort for several years and we were always doing the siro dhara with warm medicinal oils. But after coming to srilanka resort the doctors adviced me to do with medicinal oil, but only to make it warm at the begining. And most of the patients were in discomfort after the treatment. I have an expereince of 20 years as therapists. But I do not know still, which one is right? What? Lucia said. There are ayurveda doctors? What they study? I never come across. Andrea schwrz from Germany : Yes. I also have seen an Ayurveda doctor. He caught my hand without asking a permission and read my pulse. Then he closed his eyes and written something on a paper. He never disclosed what he found from my pulse. He was so serious and unfriendly. For me Ayurveda is a mystic science or a sect. But the treatment was interesting and I had a good relief from my Migraine after a 21 days of Ayurveda treatmnet! The whole time I was listening your discussion. Said Maria Fischbacher from Italy. It is not Ayurveda. It is Aloe vera. Somebody may be misspelled! !

Ananda Swami said: No. Ayurveda is Ayurveda. Aloe vera is a plant. Ayurveda is everything. It is a life style. Indians prestigious tradition. I love Ayurveda. Ayurveda is wonderful. Marvellous. Soft medicine. Our culture. Our paitrukam. Our great India' civilization. Vande mataram!

Ok. Maria asked? Tell us what exactly the content of Ayurveda swamiji? Sorry. I do not know exactly what it is? Swamiji replied with his trembling lips. Lydia said. Ayurveda is a serious medical system which heals and prevents most of the diseases of our mankind. Sometimes with herbal, metal & mineral preparations. Body cleansing tratments with the so called Panchakarma. Psychological treatments with yogic meditations called dhyana. Nutrional guidelines depends on your constitution -Prakruti or diseaes- Vikruti. In this medical system the person is treated mentally and physically not only the disease symptoms. There is a trust between the Ayurveda doctor and the patient, where the later explains his or her mental and phsical problems and the former understands the imbalances of our functions both physical and mental. The tridoshas & Trigunas. The doctors duty is not only giving a plant or plant product to the patient but reach and touch the conciousness level of the patient and there by balance what is missing in the micocosm from the macocosm. The doctor acts as a mediator between this Pindanda & Brahmanda. This need experience. Well structured study. Theoritical knowledge from the ayurveda texts. Logical thinking for the each and every acute situations. An attitude to understand and listen the patient. The doctor should be a good trustworthy, who explains the patient in a simple logic manner what happened in his or hers body and mind during the past years. The doctor should explain how the birth of disease happened in his body and mind and in which direction the disease is taking the next form. What he should change in his nutritional, behavioural and social aspects to enhance the healing process and to prevent along with medicines. The doctor should be a teacher, a healer, a yogi, a nutrionalist, a social worker, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a father, a mother, a listener who look deep in to the eyes, a saint, a sage and more over a good FRIEND! This sounds very nice. Andrea talked with a deep breath. But I have seen only the doctors who are not looking into my eyes. Reading the pulse and writing something on some papers which no body can read again! Talking to the collegues or assistant doctors or therapist in a language which I can not understand. I am sitting infront of them just like an ignorant person. And the doctor is like the most egoistic one and shows like he knows everything. No communication, no explanation. I never understood what are all these treatments and what for. As I am also a human, I have the Right to understand at least what is it for and how it usually works in my body. There is nothing to be kept as secret in this. May be not the whole information, but atleast the pattern of treatments and plants what the people are using on my body. It is my body and I am responsible for that. Mostly the doctors say if I ask the why and what... Either I am too nervous, I am frustrated, I should be patient and in Ayurveda the results are important not the action. But

according to me a pure action is important not the fruit. Fruit will always follow the action. And finally they say a word that I have a lot of VATA ! But I understand now from Lydia that it is a logical, phylosophical and spiritual medical system and not the Ayurveda system has Vata disease but the Vata is for the Ayurvedic doctors community. Andrea added that they should come forwrd with dignity to explain their medicine in their own logical way. We all come from different fields and we are ignore about this science. We would like to know this ancient Indian tradition in its true nature. Then only this is acceptale in other countires as a medical system. Orlse it will be known as Aloe vera, cosmetic company, massges, cross massges etc.

Indeed. Lydia explained again. The people who understood the marma of Ayurveda are from different other feilds. They may be engineers, advocates, swamijis, business magnets etc who are making the ayurvedic hospitals, resorts, ayurvedic villages and ayurvedic cosmetic industries. The idea of healthy kitchen through ayurveda, ayurvedic resturents, beauty spas, organic cultivation, green health campagin are all their contributions. Whether it is having a negative or postive impact on Ayurveda it is not the issue of discussion. If it is having a negative impact on ayurveda it is the duty of every Ayurveda physician to advice the panel and make the ideas more successful instead of blaming the business magnets. The word Ayurveda is famous in western countries is only because of some swamijis and Chopras who are not from the field of Ayurveda. Ofcourse also from a very few Ayurveda doctors.

My dear Ayurveda doctors, first treat yourself to reduce your ego, anxiety, fear, depression, instability etc which are the common symptoms of Vata and be courageous, dignified, motivated and wake up. There is no need to uplift Ayurveda. It is only that you should wake up and stand infront of that.

Author: Jeevan

After one year :

The group is siitting on the Varandha of Perumabayil Ayurveda Mana. And Anita Agrawal take a deep breath and told. Ohh Lydia, you remember last year, you were explaning about medical Ayurveda? Now we all are here. We are really convinced with medical approach of Ayurvedic doctor. The Ayurveda team with therapists, kitchen staff, reception etc. Etc. And their combined approach for healing our diseases. And also the bitter herbal preparations for the detoxification. Thank you very much Lydia. Without your explantation we might have not reached in to this Authetic Ayurveda Mana. Once again thank you.!

Bhishak Dravyani Upasthata!Rogi Pada Chathushtayam!Chikitsitam tasya Nirdishtam!

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