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Mamsa Pinda Sweda (Mamsa kizhi) is a specialized therapy which is performed for the diseases related to Bones, muscles and nerves.

Mamsa means(goat’s Meat), Pinda means a bolus. Sweda means Fomentation or sudation. The sweda or sudation given by using a bolus which is prepared by using mamsa (goat’s meat) along with medicated Rice and other herbs is called as Mamsa Kizhi. It is a type of bhrimhana Sweda or nourishing therapy.

The mamsa which is used for this purpose is processed with different medicine according to the condition of the patient and the disease.

Treatment procedure

Mamsa (goat’s meat) is selected, cleaned by taking out all the waste and debris and processed with Shastika shali and with different types of medicinal herbs as per the condition of the patient depending on Rogi Bala (Strength of the patient) Roga Bala(severity of the disease)
The mamsa is chopped in to fine pieces and grinded in to the paste and mixed with navara Rice, Milk and other medicated herbs and made in to a thick medicinal preparation then tied in a cloth in the form of bolus.

The person is made to lie on the droni, Abhyanga(massage) is performed for a few minutes with medicated oil followed with Mamsa Navara Kizhi, where the bolus which is prepared with the Mamsa, Navara and other medicated herbs is dipped in the Medicated milk and sudation is given to the affected part of the body.
Duration of the treatment – 30 to 45 min

After the treatment the person is advised to take rest for a while.


Muscular Dystrophy


Premature aging

Disseminated Encephalo Myelitis



Skin Dryness

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