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My Ayurveda Treatment

Ayurveda mana


Monsoon 2014

My Ayurveda Treatment

Ayurveda mana


Monsoon 2014

The weather in Germany was sunny and at the same time raining on the 1st of August. During the last days was also the same like Sunny and rainy. Caya (accumulation) and prakopa (aggravation)of doshas were on every day depends on this changing climate.

Myappintments and meetings were no ends during the last months. In one way the life was so hectic and not even a time to think for relaxation. The body and mind was just working to attend the sheduled appointments and to find new projects.But the planned panchakarma at kerala is on 3 rd of

August for 21 days. That was the only motivation to go on working in Germany even my joints were paining a lot.

And at last on 2 nd of August, early morning I started my journey to the Munich Airport. It was hardly one hour from my home at Raubing- Rosenheim.The other side of the highway was so crouded, may be beacuse the whole Germans were going to Austria or Italy beacuse of summer holidays.

I parked my car at Munich Park & Fly and proceeded with another shuttle service to Munich airport. Since I checked online with Ethihad flight to Kochi International airport, I have to drop only my luggage. The airport and the flight was overcrouded. The holiday mood. People were flying mostly to Turkey and Italy. Mainly for the beach tourism for a beer and meat holidays and to end up again in stress or diseases. But I was ready to escape from this mechanised country for a calm and quite holidays with teas and veggis at Ayurveda Mana.

The Ethihad was flying from Munich to Abudabi with 5 hours 20 minutes. At the Abudabi airport is the same crazy people who just want to buy the materials from Perumes to Gold for the beloveds and dears to show a tocken of love.

I just proceeded to the gate number 3 A, for my next flight to Kochi. A lot of people were waiting and I found familiar faces from my gods own country- Kerala. Small kids and children were a lot comparing to the previousMunich flight. People were already communicating, greeting and laughing. Actually I felt like I have been already reached in my country even I am in Abudabi airport.

The flight journey was abour 3.30 hours. Afterhalf an hour of flying the airhostess served the dinner. Now the body & mind is in German coffe & Cake time but the body stands at Abudabi dinner time but flying towards Indian midnight time! But any way I got my vegetarian meal beofre others since I have booked previously the asian vegetarian meals while taking my online ticket. The rice and bindi masala was tasty. A temptation of drinking wine or beer, I just avoided beacuase after one day I am going to do my Panchakarma and not to overload my system again withacidic foods.

I woke up when the flight landed at Kochi international Airport. The people were jut standing up and ready to take the luggages even before the flight wasreaching in the poper position. I was thinking that such type of fantacies can only seen or happens in my India but not in any other countries. After the imigration, customs and baggage collection I went to change some Euros to ruppees. Instead of 80 rupees per Euro which is the todays currency rate, I got only 76 rupees per Euros. Even there are State Bank of Travancore or Thomas cook all were selling different rates. But kochi is much better than Trivandrum airport, since there is only one currency exchange and they cheat as much as possible from the passangers. Even if they haveto give some small changes they will politely tell that we do not have this small changes. They know that we will not wait for this small changes. Cheatig capital of Kerala.

After my currency exchange I went to take a pre paid taxi inside the airport. The destination of Ayurveda Mana is at Guruvayoor, a well known township in Kerala where the famous temple of Lord Krishna is located. It is a combination of Guru and Vayu a best place for treating Vata diseases.

The drive from Kochi airport to ayurveda mana was like 1.30 hour. It can be more if the travel is after 8 AM. But I was in the taxi arod 4 AM and I reached at 5 AM at Ayurveda mana.

Dr. Vaidyamadhom Rajeev Namboothiri consulted me with his assistants and decided the treatments. They discuused what kashayam I should take for Ama pachana- detoxification, what ayurveda oil treatments for the mobilisation of toxins and what panchakarma is good to cleanse the mobilised toxins. The same day morning I got my first Abhyanga and Sirodhara. The flow of Sankar Mahadev instrumental music along with sirodhara at the same time, 4 hands abhyanga washed out my thoughts completely away.

The touch of their hands on exact painful points of my body and massaging the areas of my knee joints etc were a great feeling. First Iconcentrated with my mind the movemnents of their hands. Slowly I completely forgets and went into a diiferent world. As previously dreamt in Germany, monsoonrain started exactly during my oil treatments . The warm oily hands massage and the sounds of rain taken me in extreme ecstacy. I didn't notice that one and half hours wereover. They wiped off the oil from my head, feet and taken to the bath room. The water is alraedy ready with the preferred temperature in a bucket. And a paste of mungbean powder with water is also made for applying on the body to remove the oil. No soap or shower gel. Complete natural. One of the therapist Mr. Mohanan, I call him Mohanettan aroud 62 years old helped me to sit in a wooden chair. He applied the mung powder cream on my back and washed with warm water. It almost takes out the excess oil from my body. I felt like a child and I missed my mother during this time. After shower I changed into new cloths, and mohanettan is ready with Rasnadi powder to put on my crown. This is to prevent cold and sneezing which can come during the time of Panchakarma. It works like an absorber, and Rasnadi churnam is very famous in Kerala for applying on the crown after shower. A small pinch also has to be inhaled like a snuff. It opens the blockages of the cranial cavity and also wakes youup.But the smell is horriblelike cow dung.

Now Mohanettan put the sandal wood paste on my third eye to cool up. A symbol of satva, a mark of purity, beloved for lord Krishna or Vishnu and so on....

When I just came out from the bath room through the treatment room , Ifelt light like a butterfly. But at the same time I also recoganise I have hunger and appetite. Arare feeling usually what I had. I always had appetite but the hunger was rare in Germany.

I just went into the Ayurveda resturent near to the same treatment building. There were five round tables and twenty chairs. Already 2 tables were occupied. Most of them are from Europe and one from East Africa.

I also taken a seat with one of the group. I noticed that the vessals of breakfast is made with Brass- combination ofmetals which was in the olden days used in the Kings palace. The breakfast was with boiled banana which is a special kind again in Kerala commonly used and essential during PK, which will not make any constipation like the bananas in Europe. The main dish was prepared with rice and urd dhal flour and known as Dosa not dosha which is like a pancake. There was an excellet chutney made with fresh cocconut grinded with mint and a small piece of Ginger. And also a mung dhal curry, curry means sause not the meaning like in Europe. It can be mung dhal curry, banana curry, vegetable curry so on... Another important one is the herbal water made with khadira, padmaka, ginger, sariba, vettiver and sandalwood. The taste is so natural but the action is to improve the digestion and to cleanse the blood. In Europe we only use ginger water, but according to Ayurveda you need combinations of plants to balance the negative effects of plants by combining it.

My hunger was really too much , but when I started eatingIonly ate 2 dosas. I was satisfied with that. This was one of the anotherpositive thing which I noticed after the first treatment. Eat what you need !

Oh thank God now comes the chai made with black tea, milk, jaggerry syrup, ginger and cardamom. Normallybetter to avoid all kinds of black tea and coffee. But tea is not so bad like the coffeeand that is must for me. At least a small drug to start my day. Jani was talking about her positive results already happened in her diseases. Actually she is suffering from Scleroderma with dried up skin and muscles. After this wonderful medicinal oil application, she has a good sleep and the tightness of the skin isreduced.

Another lady is suffering from polymennorrhoea and fibroids. The excess menustration is also under control with in one week of ayurveda treatments.

Instead of talking and understanding and polluting my brain with new problems I slowly went to the verandha of the Ayurveda mana. Sitting on the cane chair and looking towrads the entrance of the building where there is a yoga hall made above an archbuilding,in malayalam Patippura, I just relaxed.

I started reading the Bhagavatam, one of the 17 puranas completely dedicated to Lord Krishna. Three kilometers away is Guruvayoor the famous temple of Lord Krishna. It is also called as Vatalayesan. A diety for Vata diseases. Siva permitted BṛhaspatiandVayuto perform the consecration rites and blessed them that this place would be known as "Guruvayoor" (since the installation was done by guru ("master") Bṛhaspati and Vayu). Siva with Parvati then left to the opposite bank to Mammiyoor.Ayurveda Mana has such a vibration that the center is located very near to this temple.Guru means preceptor and vayu is wind. The idol was installed by Brihaspati, the guru of the gods and Vayu, the god of wind. The word also has an esoteric meaning. It stands for the body of the human being which is the abode of wind. The five pranas or vital breaths are what sustain the body and make it function properly.

The Krishna temple in the town of Guruvayoor in Kerala is one of the five famous Krishna\Vishnu temples in India. The others are Jagannath Puri in Orissa, Tirupati Venkatachalapati in Andhra Pradesh, Nathdwara in Rajasthan and Dwaraka in Gujarat.

The time is one o clock and I am slowly hungry. When I reached the Ayurveda resturent the other westerners were already waiting for the lunch. Krishnadas with his smile comes with a soup made out of vegetable cooked and filtered the clear part. Garnished with fresh curry leaves and shallots. Usually I am not a souppy. But this is fantastic. The taste buds were stimulated with the mild spicy soup.

After the soup he bring a bowl of Kerala red rice, beans upperi, kachiya moru- boiled buttermilk with curcuma, ginger and curry leaves, chutta pappadam- pappadam fried on fire without oil. The amla- gooseberry in salt water was so tasty which was made by the cheif cook... Valasala.

I ate queitely, enjoying the taste and concentrating the food. I found that there is no tomatoes or potatoes in any of the dishes which are the common food in Europe which make the tridoshakara.

The warm khadira herbal water from the mud jug is interesting to drink together with the food. I never missed the mineral water, gas water, beer or wine.

The mild devotional instrumental music of Sai Madhukar makes me more calm during the lunch time.

After the food I came to my Room. The abhyanga, Sirodhara and the food made me so tired. Actually I would like to sleep, but the resident doctors Salini & Gopil already instructed me not do that. At 2 pm immedietely after lunch Dr. Gopil and the therpist came with Dhanwantharam mezhupakam to do a matra vasthi. This was the first application of medicinal oil into my colon, a therapy known as matra vasthi which is a basic treatment of Vata diseaes. I was told to hold minimum half an hour the oil in my colon. The also massaged my stomach in anti clockwise and bend my legs etc as a normal procedure after this matra vasthi.

I was laying down on the bed more than half an hour. Thelubrication of oils on the body, head and inside and the mild food is the underlying treatments during the first week. Why? I think that we are dried up, burn out with the modern life style. The oilness which is called as sneha or the other meaning Love is failed in all of us. The caring people here as therapists, cook, service, reception doctors and the oils makes us again in smoothness, softness which is essential for an easy movement of life.

Mohanettan is infront of my door. He told that I have manjal Kizhi treatment. A blous made with turmeric powder, dill seeds, puffed rice etc which is good for my knee joint and neck pain. The warm Kizis came to my neck and calf muscles one by one. Rain started again as I wished. And I went in to my ecstacsy. Mohanettan told me that he will only dry up the powder from body. but I nsisted to take again the shower as previously with the mung powder and warm water. After the kizhi and shower I am compltely relaxed and think to do nothing. Just came to the verandha of Ayurveda Mana and watched the rain which is still continuing.

Nearby the Mana there is a Vishnu temple. At five o clock I went there alone. Avery nice small templefor5 minutes walk. Now I realised again that what. I am really missing in Germany. The temple. This quiet atmosphere. The smell of of this old oil, the jasmin flowers, the tulasi leaves. There was one

Lady who is reading Ramayana since this month is a speciality to do that in Kerala. Karkataka- cancer month is full of rain and darkness. Reading the story of Rama which is called as ramayana or Ra , darkness ,mayanam remove is specialitty for Kerala people. I got some sandal wood paste and tulasi leaves as prasad from the temple.

After coming back from temple I started looking my emails, since Iget the w -lan connection only in the reception area. After replying back my e mails Iwas so exahustedand realised that better to no involvement in any worldly affairs during Panchakarma.

The time is seven in the evening. Time for dinner. May be one glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, whole wheat dark bread and some cheese is waiting for me. But on the other hand there was a warm soup made with navara rice, ginger ( karkataka kanji) another specility of kerala during the month of monsoon or karkataka, a medicinal gruel. Chutta pappadam, sour-salty Amla, 2 chappatis, vegetable korma. My thought of wine and cheese went away. In another way I was slowly convinced by the simple food and the mild taste that I am no longer having a craving for the wine and cheese. And also in another way I was slowly swithicng into a simple life with high thinking which I lost somewhere in my past western life. May be I am re discovering my child hood and the simplicity again during my stay at Ayurveda Mana.

Without much talk to the others I just came back again to my room. The room was fumigated by Mr. Dino against mosquitos. He uses kunthirukkam for fumigation, a natural plant base product. The smell is so sweet and resembles like I am in a temple. There are many ways to use frankincense, which is an herb that comes from the resin of the Boswellia tree. It’s most common uses in Ayurvedic or Western medicine stem from its therapeutic properties as an analgesic, antidepressant, and sedative. However, in addition to being a powerful healing herb, frankincense is also an important ingredient in stress-reducing incenses and exotically scented perfumes. This fumigation is against mosquitoes that was one of the terrible problems at Kerala. But in one way mosquitoes also wants to live somewhere in this world.

I switched on the TV. Immediately I seitched off also. Either it is some bollywood dances or some political news. Both of them has no place in my brain. Ihave taken again the Bhagavatam and continued reading.

Early morning aroud 5 AM , Mr. Dino Came with one glass of milk mixed with Gomutra and Hingutrigunam. The milk and the gomutram were from the Vechur cow is a rare breed of Bos indicus cattle named after the village Vechoor in Kottayam district of of Kerala. With an average length of 124 cm and height of 87 cm, it is the smallest cattle breed in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records, and is valued for the larger amount of milk it produces relative to the amount of food it requires.

The Vechur cow was popular in Kerala until the 1960s, but became rare when native cattle were crossbred with exotic varieties. In 2000, the Vechur cow was listed on the FAO's World Watch List of Domestic Animal Diversity, in its ‘Critical-Maintained Breeds List', pointing to imminent extinction as About 200 cows are supposed to exist today, nearly 100 of them with the Veterinary College.The anti-bacterial property of the protein was found to be more than ampicillin. Even though the medicinal property of the Vechur cow's milk had been accepted traditionally by Ayurvedabut in so many centers the cows are not available. All cattle have higher fat and total solids in the milk compared to crossbred cows. But in dwarf cows the size of fat globules is small which makes it easy for human body to digest. In that case Goats milk is superior than vechur because size of fat globule in goats is much smaller compared to dwarf cows but very light and in Vata diseases it is not so recommended.

Mr.Dino handled me the Gomutra Ksheeram, and I gulped without thinking that how the taste will be. Not bad!

I brushed my teeth again and went to the verandha of Ayurveda Mana. The yoga master is preparing the Yoga hall. I accompanied him. Slowly the other guests also came to join for Yoga. After the prayer, He started with Surya Namskar and some breathing exersises in various postures. And last with AUM meditation. The yoga was so simple and not much complicated. In one way it is not adviced to do any complicated postures since it is contra indicated during Ayurveda treatments. The body will be more flexible and sensitive so the extreme asanas are not good at this time. But meditaion and breathing are the main preferred parts from Ashtanga Yoga. But for westerners it is very difficult to understand this concept. They belive that the body should be moved as much as possible for attaining health! But on the other hand you are subsiding or balancing mainly the Vata dosha during Ayurveda treatments and any exertion will only exagerate again the doshas.

It was almost one hour we were doing yoga asana, pranayama and dhyana. Now it is time for my treatment again. 8 oclock Mr. Dino came and taken me to the treatment room. Today was classical devotional music. Mohanettan is ready with head oil and he massaged my head. And the four hand massage is again on the flow. I slowly went in to the ecxtasy. The rain started again. Treatment finished with 1.30 hours. Mohanettan taken me to the bath room. Put the mung bean powder on my back. And washed me like a baby. The thing what Ihadyesterdayrepeatedagain.The breakfast, my routine Bhagavata, lunch, matra vasthi, manjal kizhi, evening temple, dinner, fumigation and so on... The breakfast can be chiratta puttu or dosa or idiappam or rava uppuma. But always will be cooked and ripe banana and mungdhal curry.

Lunch will be always with a soup, 2 chappatis and rice. Along with one fried vegetables with less fat. Vegetables can be patavalam (Snake gourd), ilavan(Ash gourd), vendakkai (okra),vellarikai (Cucumber), mungakai (drumstick)or ethakai ( raw banana).

Dinner will be 2 chappatis, rasam, vegetable curry and pomgranate as sweet.

Dr. Shalini came and looked my blood pressure. She smiled and told everything is ok. Just 110/70. I know that my pressure is low after the six days of treatment. Dr. Shalini explained me that tom,orrow will be a Virechana, one of the main Panchakarma for Pitta. Since the last 6 days with abhyanga, sirodhara and manjal kizhi, the morbid doshas are having Utklesa or mobilsed with the ama and that should be cleansed out. Morning you will get 8 drops of Misraka sneha. Please drink also hot water. No break fast and if you are hungry after the purgation you can have rice soup. Dr. Shalini is a young girl who is the assistant of Vaidyamadham Dr. Rajeev. Still she is small or young she has a special commanding power or authority in what she is doing. This should be the great quality of a doctor, to be authoritive which is lacking in western doctors. Dr. Shalini is everwhere with Dr. Gopil who is also her classmate and collegue. But for me Dr. Gopil is more than a friend not an authority.

I was thinking that tomorrow is purgation so better to go outside today for a while and visit the Guruvayoor temple. The receptionist Miss. Aswathy called an autorikshwa and I went to Guruvayoor temple. I see the crowd of people who wants to enter in the temple standing in long ques. So I dropped my idea to go to the nalampalam and went inside the temple only through west gate.

Several people from different parts of the country with children, parents and grand parents are assembled in Guruvayoor. At least to have a small darsan of Lord Krishna. Elephants for seeveli, infants for anna prash, long ques for prasadam etc were too muchme. After staying 30 minutes in temple I realised that this crowd and sounds make me crazy during my panchakarma. I wasquite and calm at Ayurveda mana and within 30 minutes my calmness is ruined. My question is the God is in this crowd with sounds and chaos or the God is within you when you are calm?

I retuned. Back to Ayurveda mana with a slight head ache.

The virechana day was quite normal for me. Even in Germany once in a month I used to do a virechana to balance my Pitta. After virechana Krishnadas served me rice soup and chutta pappadam. Evening I only had a light abhyanga. Today Ihave nochai. I really missed it.

The next day onwards for the consecutive 5 days I had snehapana. Drinking of Mahakayanakam ghee. Snehapana is a procedure to internal oleation to bind the fat soluble toxins and expels it out with proper panchakarma procedure. Sneha paana , interesting word.. Oily substances to drink or love drink.

This is done in incresing doses as sadya snehana. So I get 30 ml, 45 ml, 60 ml, 75 ml and 100 ml at 7 am mixed with rice water. After that I should take one bowl of Kanji, rice soup. And if the hunger comes at lunch time or after again rice soup. Evening also rice soup. This is really horrible. Just rice, rice rice. My chai, breakfast with ripe banana, chappatis, vegetable curries etc are now a dream only. No spices. Only the taste of salt from chuttaappadam. On the other hand my system adopted slowly to have this non spicy soup with overdose of ghee. My agni started working to digest the ghee. And as a simple rice soup as food, most of my system taken rest, produced less amount of enzymes, gastric juices etc. I am in a 'Holy day'. The waste products were smooth and no smell at all. Eyes were getting more clear and less reddidh. The total energy was kept inside and a small part is used for the survival. I touched my self. I reacted less. I just relaxed. And I found I am sweet and I fallen in love with me. A great feeling which I never in my life experienced. The body, senses, mind, breath all were in calm. I was thinking that the ghee or medicated ghee is having such an influvence on my body-mind machine? Yes. Brahma arpanam brhama havir.

Havis is Brahma. An end product of every food is fat which is stored and break down when you need energy. An immovable and movable properties like Shiva and Sakti. Purusha and Prakruti. So the havis is really brahman, purusha, Atma , the pure conciousness and it movement or breakdown is Sakti or prakrti. So this snehapana was like a ritual with ghee inside my jadhara agni!

Everytime when I reach the resturent the rice soup can make you angry, but me and Iris laughed always since she is also having snehapana. Even we discussed that the food is one if the main pillar in the life. And if it is not pleasing you can get anger. You show your reality during that time. But if the food is good for you not pleasing, you accept it. This was our situation now. We just accepted it. In our normal life we only searched for pleasures not the things what were good for us.

Nityam hitahara vihara sevi

Sameekshyakari vishayeshu asakta

datapara satpara kshamavan

aptopasevi cha bhavatyaroga.

Today is my 4 th day of snehapana. 60 ml and my rice soup. The rain is almost getting away and the Sun is gazing. Today is also the 29 th of Karkatakam- cancer month according to moon calender and 14th of August. Tomorrow is the indepandance day of India. Another holiday for remembering the 68th birthday of independant India.

Early morning around 7 AM , Mohanettan, Basheer, Mani, Saju , dr. Gopil, Dino and all other therapists and workers decorated the front portion of Ayurveda mana with indepandence flag and flowers. Prime Minister Mr. narendra Modi, the first RSS prime minister of India is now hosting the flag at Red fort Delhi and giving a speech just from hisheart.

Here in Ayurveda Mana on this occasion I got a previlage to host the flag. After Vande Mataram with respect and devotion hosted the flag infront of this small group of Ayurveda Mana team.

I was just quoting the sentances from Jawaharlal Nehru, thefirst speech after independance.

Freedom and Power makes a lot of responsibility. The responsiblity is to see and act against poverty, ignorance and diseases. Apart from religion, cast colours , politics we all should work together to fullfill the dreams of our bappuji- gandhiji. A new genaration means who works hard till we see and wipe of the tears of others.

We should remember at this time our big leader gandhiji for attaing this freedom, freedom for action.freedom for responsibilty.

We should be proud to be an indian in so many ways. As a new generation, I can say that India is exporting software to 60 countries. The next one is the the health science what we should proud ofand propagateand that is Ayurveda.

The national flag has a meaning according to Dr. S.Radhakrishnan who was the first vice president and second president of Bharat. "The saffron color denotes renunciation or disinterestedness. Our leaders must be indifferent to material gains and dedicate themselves to their work.

The white in the center is light, the path of truth to guide our conduct.

The green shows our relation to (the) soil, our relation to the plant life here, on which all other life depends.

The "Ashoka Chakra" in the centre of the white is the wheel of the law of dharma. Truth or satya, dharma or virtue ought to be the controlling principle of those who work under this flag.

The wheel denotes motion. There is death in stagnation. There is life in movement. India should no more resist change, it must move and go forward. The wheel represents the dynamism of a peaceful change."

I will conclude my speech with Gandhis words. If you want to change the world first change yourself.

People clapped. We got boiled banana with honey, raisins and cashews as sweet.

The days are running. 2 weeks are over. And this week is with snehavasthi and Kashaya vasthi. The last part of Panchakarma for balance and establishment of Apana Vata. Sneha vasthi is not a big issue for me. But for Kashaya vasthi, I have little bit of fear. It is also called Niruha vasthi means you cannot judge the positive or negative aspects of it. It is a mixture of different herbal cocktail. Honey, rock salt, dill seeds, Dhanwantharam mezhupakam oil and Ricinus root decoction.

While Mohanettan and Basheer is doing Abhyanga, Dino is sitting on the floor and preparing my cocktail. He is mixing the contents one by one in a steel vessel with wooden rod. The mixing is also in the clock wise direction which is essential for the energy. I was expecting that they will sing a dhanwanthari mantra for the energization like in the ancient times. After the abhyanga, I was sitting in the swedana box for 5 minutes. They massaged me again with a bottle of Hot water. That was really nice. The deep pressure with hot water bottle helped me to open my all channels before the Kashaya vasthi. Around 300 ml was introduced today into my colon. Other than expected, I was not having any problems after the introduction of Kashaya Vasthi.

Within 10 minutes I went to toilet to put out my Ama. Mohanettan came again into the bathroom and washed me again like a baby. So today I had no chai, no breakfast, only Kashaya vasthi but on the other end of my body. After the shower they have given me diluted cow milk.

I was not so tired. I had a lot of enthusiasm to talk and euphoria to show. The lunch was again rice soup. But this time the kanji is with milk and little bit raw sugar. Pal kanjiin malayalam. No sour salty amla. Only chutta pappadam!

Iris and me sit together and enjoyed the lunch. No complain no wishes. Just we ate what we got. After lunch I had again the sneha vasti. The kashaya vasthi dries up you little bit. But the snehavast lubricates you. Slowly after the snehavasthi I was tired and slept for one hour in my bed. It is only to take rest according Dr. Smart Shalini, but I could not control my Vega- the urge to sleep.

Evening was quite normal. The bite of mosquitoes, the sallaki fumigation repeated. Dinner was served at 7 pm and the rice Vasthi curry a special dish prepared with cucumber and beans. Sour salty amla, chutta pappadam. Irena and me looked at each other. For us it was like a feast. So many days of snehapana, we only had rice soup and now? Wow. We have no word to talk. We just concentrated on the food and ate completely without uttering a word. In really we wanted to cry after the food. Sometimes the small pleasures after a long time will be the biggest presents in the world. We told at last we are satt, a word in German which means really satisfied.

Today is my second Kashaya Vasthi. Dr. Gopil increased the cocktail dose to 500 ml.

Abhyanga, swedana box and vasthi preparation, warming up my stomach etc were done as usual. After that the Vasthi fluid came into my bowels. Dr. Gopil introduced the warm cocktail not so fast and not so slow. I just opened my mouth and breathe slowly so that the fluid can enter without any pressure. Even it was 500 ml; I just felt not so difficult to hold for some minutes. Slowly I evacuated the fluids and my Ama. But the tendency of evacuation is different than yesterday. I felt little bit dizzy. Dr. Gopil and Mohanettan were knocking and asking me that everything is OK? I replied that everything is OK.

After my most of the bowels are empty, Mohanettan came and washed me. I become again a baby. Just behaved like a baby without struggle and enjoyed the warm shower. Today I was not able to go to the restaurant since I was dizzy and speechless. So I drank the milk water in front of the treatment room. My mind was so subtle and alert and young. As usual I would like to talk and enjoy this day. But the body was so tired and not ready for what the mind insists. I have seen a clear separation and difference of opinion for a particular time about mind and body. Dr. Gopil accompanied with me to the room and catch my hand until I reached my bed.

Slowly I slept for a while.

From the mouth up to anus is a long highway which we call Koshtaor Gastro intestinal tract. If any blockages / endogenous or exogenous toxins are there in this highway the body try to expel this either though mouth or anus. This is what we say vomiting or diarrhea. When you induce this with different herbal combinations or slightly toxic plants combinations the body does the same procedure which ayurveda tells Vamana or Virechana. If you want to expel through anus then it is Vasthi. A wonderful, systematic, plant based, not too much or not too less cleaning procedure. Panchakara.

Depends on the area of toxins where it lodged in the body they also do cranial cavity cleaning or sirovireka with introducing the herbal compounds through nose- nasya. May be the toxins are in blood through bloodletting, Rakta Moksha.

I found this is very interesting procedure. You just clean the high way with proper cleaning plants in oil or powder or ghee forms which are suitable for each toxins or extra accumulation. You really no need to know each name of the toxins as the triglycerides, cholesterol, albumin, glucose, thyroid hormone, enzymes etc. you just clean it. If the toxins are not in the highway it is in the inside parts or tissues of the body, in Ayurveda it is called Dhathus, you just mobilize it with oil or powder application and different kinds of passive body movements which is known as Abhyanga and the sweating along with this abhyanga known as swedana. With this procedure there can be a backward movement of the toxins from the tissues to the GIT and they do the induced cleaning. Any procedure on the body along with proper food and calmness affects the mind and the toxins from the mind are also expelled. The word ama or Mala is also interesting which are the excess waste products what we are carrying every day which are responsible for various kinds of Malady or Malatya in Italian. And there can be a malfunction of our organs. In Italy the waste product carrying vehicle is called AMA. And if the there is an industry nearby which pollutes the air, they will write Mala.

I feel now like a cleansed body with all these subtle action of the normal cleaning therapy, Panchakarma. Along with rice soup, milk like simple food items my complete system is again like a baby. The breath, the sweat and other waste products are odor free. I am not able to take any kind of spices, meat, alcohol etc. even that thoughts makes me irritating. How long I do not know. But presently I am so sensitive. Now to continue this body to keep it clean inside and outside is the duty of my mind.

The last 2 days followed By Kashaya vasthi were again snehavasthi. Just after the lunch to nourish my body from up and down. My joint pains are almost


Today I went to the Guruvayoor temple with Saju, Dr.Gopil and Dr.Shalini. We reached at 8.45 in the evening and the elephants were ready for seeveli (Procession carrying idol on top of elepahnt). Lord Krishna is carried on one of the elephant and done a procession. The temple owns quite a lot of elephants and many are offerings from the devotees to their dear God as Guruvayurappan who is believed to be a lover of elephants . There are Seevelis both in the morning and late in the night just before the temple closes. I was fortunate enough to witness the Seeveli in the evening and there were four elephants for the procession. The procession was with colorful parasols, aalavatom , venchamaram and panchavadayam ( percussion instruments).

I was lighting the oil lamps around the temple with Saju and others. May be around 5000 oil lam