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Prakrti ( Bodily constitution in Clinical Practice)

From birth to death each possess an individual biological blue print, termed Prakrti in Ayurveda which is formed during the combination of Sukra & Artava!

Facts about Prakṛti :

Body constitution can not be changed !Each one of us posses all the three doshas, but the proportion varies according to the individual !There is no treatment directly to Prakrti !Prakrti is only for understanding the routines to avoid diseases (Vikrti ) and also for the prognosis of a disease in clinical practice.Determining one`s Prakrti is the effective - preventive & curative health care.This wisdom guides you to understand the most suitable daily routine, nutrition and therapies to bring us to a state of optimum health and longevity (Swastha)

Vata Prakṛti with Vata Vikṛti or Pitta Vikṛti or Kapha Vikṛti is possible. Same is also with the other doshas.

Sukra-Aratva samyoga

The maximum possibility of health threshold is represented by Prakrti. Our constitutional symptoms can reach a peak value in different conditions like climate, nutrition etc. but it came back again to the lower extremity. The health is maintained in this way. We have hunger, pain or pleasure in different occasions but it came back after a while. If the symptoms are not coming back and the threshold / peak is exceeded then we are diseased. This is Vikruti. We should bring it back again to the healthy status with intervention of medicines and Panchakarma.

If the pathological symptoms are similar to the constitutional characters (Vikruti and prakruti) there is an overload for the constitution which will result in chronic diseases. We have to take a lot of effort with medicines, Surgery, Nutrition and Detoxification to reduce this extra overload. But the doshas are dissimilar in the vikruti and prakruti the diseases can be cured without much effort. This explains that any Prakruti can get any kind of Dosha imbalances and the same diseases seemingly similar will be treated with different Ayurveda treatment protocols.

According to Ayurveda, your basic constitution is determined at the time of conception. This constitution is called Prakruti. The term Prakruti is a Sanskrit word that means, "nature," "creativity," or "the first creation." One of the very important concepts of Ayurveda is that one's basic constitution is fixed throughout his lifetime.

Why everyone is unique and that two persons can react very differently when exposed to the same environment or stimuli. Your Prakruti is unique to you just as your fingerprint and DNA. Thus, in order to understand a person, it is necessary to determine his or her Prakruti.

A Prakrti is helpful to choose

right yoga

right nutrition

right routines

right career

right relationsip

right clothing

right place for holidays

And more than that to understand the prognosis of a disease in Clinical Practice.

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