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Vata dosha balacing Yoga

Updated: May 12, 2019

Most of the diseases originated from each dosha should be advised a pattern or sequence of Yoga asanas, Pranayama & Dhyana. An individual yoga sequences which suits your imbalances or constitution is the best way of maintain health and preventing diseases.

Vata Pacifying asanas are:

People of vata constitution or imbalance are most supported by a yoga practice that is calming, quieting, and yet warming.

Asana should be slow and steady with a focus on releasing tension in the hips, lumbar spine and sacroiliac joints.

Sitting poses and forward bends are helpful, grounding poses for balancing vata. Other beneficial poses include:  Virabhdrasana II(Warrior II) and Uttanasana(Forward Fold), Paschimottanasa(Seated Forward Fold), Janu Sirsasana(Head to Knee pose) Padmasana(Lotus pose).

Gentle twists performed with a focus on the breath are also excellent for releasing vata build-ups in the nervous system.

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