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An Ayurveda day!

Updated: May 12, 2019

Come for a day at our center in Pelham (Bad Endorf) for understanding the values of a healthy living with Ayurveda principles..

Welcome to our center at Pelham 6, 83093 Bad Endorf, located near Chiemsee for consulting, listening and discussing your various health issues for a healing or prevention with the age old knowledge of bio medicine or AYURVEDA.


I will be listening your various physical and mental wellbeing or illness to chart out a program which is suited for your constitution and misbalances. Each symptom will comes under a category of tridosha viz. (Vata, Pitta, Kapha)or Panchabhutha (Prithvi, Ap, Theja, Vayu, Akasa).

According to the misbalances of tridosha or panchabhutha, you will be getting a nutritional guidelines which can balance your functions and elements. Which types of grains, fruits, spices, milk products, spices, drinks, meat and fish products etc will be charted out depends on your misbalances (Vikruti).

You get the recipe of detoxifying herbal tea combinations, cleansing or nourishing kitchen formulas and an easy to carry out lunch box ideas.


A daily routine procedures with different herbal formulas to keep your 5 senses are the next step you study from our center. After the specially prepared lunch which you can adopt in your following days a relaxing oil treatment iopt in your s the next fragment you get from one day Ayurveda. Our aim is to understand a day of ayurveda to adopt in your daily life slowly and peremenantly to keep your health and prevent the diseases. It is less costly to keep the health than treating a disease. Are you ready to get started?

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