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Treatment Phase 2 – Purva & Pancha Karma

Phase 2

1.Try as far as possible to adhere to the ditery restriction suggested by the doctor. Breakfast, lunch and dinner to be taken only from the Ayurvedic menu which is provided for the patients.

Drinking beer, cold bevarages, cold water, wine, too much fatty food or cheese, non-vegetarian, fish, eggs etc. are fully forbidden if the doctor has not specified. There will be a natural urge to take all these things but a self discipline is a must and more imporatnat for your Panchakarma. This is a fight between the illness and the health. The reason for a special nutrional guideleines are: Ayurveda belives that all illness start from impaired digestion. During the intensive treatment like Kayaseka / Pizhichil, Sirodhara, Siro Vasthi and Kashaya vasthi the toxins are freed from the extremities / dhathus and brought into the digestive system. Your digestive fire (Agni) could be therefore disturbed. So it is essential to follow the dietrary restrictions.

2. After the treatment take a 2 hours of bed rest and leave a gap of 2 hours before you:

  • sleep

  • go for walk /Yoga Asanas / Cycling / swimm

  • Watching television / Computer /conversation

  • Read

  • If you observe silence during the period of panchakarma the benefit of healing are tremendous.

3. Do not read, talk, write or watch television for more than 10 minutes. These activities may cause head ache.

4. Do not control your normal physiological urges like the urge to go tot he toilet, sneeze, flatulence etc.

5. Going for long walk is permitted only during the first 5 days of the Ayurveda intensive programme since the last days are intensive cleaning programme so the person should be in house and take rest as much as possible.

6. During the Panchakarma period the body is like a house under renovation. All the energy will be used to destabilize impurities, expell them and normalize the system. When the waste destabilizing, disposing and recuperative activities are in progress body becomes vulenerable / tender or positively weak. Therefore many do´s and dont´s are adviced during this perod to avoid any complications and to accelerate the recuperation rejevenation process. These can vary from person to person, patient to patient, disease to disease and from treatment to treatment.

7. Do not sleep during the day time. This will reduce the night sleep and hence aggaravate Vata and consequently the ailment you suffer from.

8. The head should not be raised very high or too low while sleeping. This will help to maintain the structure oft he spine while sleeping.

9. Avoid wind, smoke, dust rain sun and fog beacuse of the reasons given above, your body is like to be succeptiable to cold, fever which will force the doctor to dicontinue the Panchakarma treatment. When allowed to go out always use shwal to cover your head and ears.

10. Bath or shower can be done minimum 2 hours after the treatment. If there are 2 treatments a day it is better to take the shower / bath after all the treatments are finished unless the doctor has given another instruction. But before the dinner or before going to sleep taking shower is a must. Sleeping with oil will close the pores of the skin which will results in itching. Use mild shampoo or Ayurveda shampoo / soap for removing the oil.

11. Sex is not permissible during the treatment period as it may take the ojasor ultimate energy, which is absolutel neeeded during the rejevenation process.

12. Please wear the slipper provided by the center. Please do not walk bare feet.

13. Please try to avoid thinking and talking too much, getting tense, angry or sad as these affect your mental equlibrium. Mind and body are the two seats to disease. Mental rest means there should not be any negative thoughts or starin.

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