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Treatment Phase 3 – Rasayana

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Phase 3 – Rasayana

Literally, rasayana means the augmentation of rasa, the vital fluid produced by the digestion of food. The aim of rasayana is not only to improve the quality of rasa ; but to provide the optimum quality to all the body tissues. It is the rasa flowing in the body, which sustains life.

Rasayana in Ayurveda is the method of treatment through which the rasa is maintained in the body. This is a specialized branch of clinical medicine meant for preventing the effect of ageing and to improve memory, intelligence complexion, sensory and motor functions. Numerous rasayana medicines are reported for possessing diversified actions like immuno-enhancement, free radical scavenging, adaptogenic or antistress and nutritive effect.

Depending upon the requirement and condition of the patient or specific individual the Rasayana therapy is broadly classified into Vatatapika and Kutipraveshika. In Vatatapika patient is not need to be hospitalized and can continue his routine work. In contrary to this, the individual is to be hospitalized to go through the different stages of Rasayana karma in Kutipraveshik Variety. The Achara Rasayana (good code of conduct) gives the desired effect of Rasayana and helps in preventing the psychological disorders.

Anything ingested into the body in the form of food or medicine is first resynthesized into Rasa Dhatu, the basic plasma tissue. Ayana is the method by which Rasa is carried to all the body tissues for biochemical metamorphosis (Rasakriya). The concept of Rasayana is based on these two principles of conservation and transmutation of energy. Rasayana therapy strives to improve physical, mental and moral Qualities. It prevents old age, restores youthfulness, improves the complexion and the voice, increases physical strength and immunity. It strengthens memory and intelligence, gives happiness to oneself, and a life which is beneficial to others

Benefits of Rasayana : * To increase body tissues * To increase digestive power * To increase the metabolic process at a tissue level or to improve endocrine gland function * To remove waste products or to remove excess tissues in the body * To increase the functional capacity of the brain * To increase the strength and immunity of the body * To destroy disease and establish homeostasis of energy, which prevents early aging.

Rasayana with specific purpose: * For improving longevity * For improving brain function * For improving action of the tissues * For improving action of the channel systems * For improving action of the senses

After the main Panchakarma therapies rejuvenating herbal preparations are prescribed to strengthen the immune system and increase vitality in the mind and body. Rasayana herbs are often nourishing herbs rather than cleansing herbs and can be difficult to digest if the body is suffering from an overload of toxins or if the digestion is weak. Thus, the best time to take these powerful herbal formulas is after a course of Panchakarma treatments when the body has been cleansed and the digestion is functioning optimally. They are then able to be fully digested, assimilated and metabolized and able to exert their full potential. Rasayana formulas may be taken for several months and the specific formulas chosen will depend on your predominant Ayurvedic body-type or the energy, tissue, system or organ of the body that needs to be strengthened and balanced.

Rejuvenation Therapy (Rasayana Chikitsa):

Tones up the skin and rejuvenates & strengthens all the tissues, so as to achieve ideal health and longevity. Increases 'Ojas' (primary vitality) and improves 'Sattva' (mental clarity) and thereby increases the resistance of the body. Includes head and face massage with medicated oils and creams, body massage with herbal oil or powder, by hand, internal rejuvenative medicines and medicated steam bath. Herbal baths are also used.

Body Immunisation And Longevity Treatment (Kayakalpa Chikitsa):

Prime treatment for retarding the ageing process, arresting the degeneration of body cells and immunisation of the system. Includes intake of Rasayana (special Ayurvedic medicines and diet) and comprehensive body care programs. Most effective for either sex if undertaken before the age of 50.

There are many traditional rasayanas; some nourish the tissues, some are rejuvenating, some strengthen the immune system, some increase strength, vitality and stamina, some balance the nervous system and some strengthen the reproductive system. The most common rasayana herbs include:

  • Bala (Sida-condifolia), Kashmari (Gmelina arborea), and Varahi (Withania somnifera) - act as dietary adjuvents and are good for increasing the strength of tissues and organs (Balya).

  • Pippali (Piper longum) acts as 'Respiratory Rasayana'

  • Lahsuna (Garlic -Alhum sativum)- increase the tissue enzymes.

  • Haritaki (Terminalia chebula)- acts acts as 'Digestive Rasayana' by eliminating the waste products from the tissues / organs,perticularly G.I.tract.

  • Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), Vacha (Acorus calamus), Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis), Mandukaparni (Centella asiatica)- helps to increase intellect and memory thereby acting as 'Medhya Rasayana' (Brain Tonic).

  • Guggul (Commiphora mukul)- helps further digestion of waste products (Ama).

  • Amalaki (Embelica officinalis) and Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia)- decrease the catabolic process and thus postpones ageing.Therefore they are known as 'Vayasthapak Rasayana' (Adaptogenic tonic).

  • Bhallataka (Semicarpus anacardium) - have a powerful immune promoting substance which overcomes many conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and some stages and types of malignancies (cancer).

  • Punarnava (Boerrhevia diffusa)- promotes the functions of the kidney and improves the regenerating capacity of the nephrons (a functional unit of the kidneys).

  • Shatavari (Asparagus recemosus)- is perhaps best known as a female rejuvanitive. It is useful for infertility, decreased libido, threatened miscarriage, menopause, leucorrhea. Shatavari promotes lactation in lacting mothers

  • Praval (coral-corralium rubrum), asthi bhasam (calcination of bones), kukkutandtwak bhasam (calcination of external covering of hen's egg)- provide calcium essential for bone growth and development.

  • Kapikachhu (Mucuna pruriens) and Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)- promote generative activities in the tissues, restore senile sexual dysftmctions and cure impotency.

  • Suvarna (Gold) and Hirak (diamond)- increase the 'ojas' (the essence of the body)

  • Vardhaman pippali rasayana.'(Piper longum) - is the Rasayan -chikitsa is advocated for'Pranvaha

But in Ayurveda we never give a single plant as capsule or powder as Rasayana. Mostly it is like a Lehyam (A jam consistence), consisting of so many other palnts in combination with ghee, honey and aromatic plants, which is an elixir, nourishes all the dhathus. In very rare cases there are single plant rasayana. Ask your doctor what is the best rasayana for you*

Rsayana used:


Aswagandha rasayanam

Kushmanda Rasayanam

Vasishta Rsayanam

Nara Simha Rsayanam

Agastya Rasayanam

Brahma Rsayanam

However, one of the most truly magnificent Rasayanas is Chywanaprash which has been used in India as an elixir of life for thousands of years. Scientific studies have now shown that this amazing formula has very powerful antioxidants properties and the ability to arrest and improve many of our modern day diseases such as cancer and auto-immune disorders. Chywanaprash is meticulously prepared with up to fifty different herbal compounds and has one of the highest concentrations of vitamin C in any natural product. It balances all three doshas and can be taken on a daily basis to strengthen the physiology and protect the immune system.

Acara-Rasayana (Rejuvenating Code of Conduct)

It is pertinent to emphasis emphasise that besides nutritious diet practice of achara-rasayana (rejuvenation through proper code of conduct) was also strictly advocated (See in following Figure).

Figure. An aspirant who lives such a life and practices sadachar (good conduct) achieves the rasayana effect, immunity, longevity and intellectual power. He is free from emotional disturbances, is less stressful, has pronounced anabolic static and thus leads a happy and healthy life

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