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Treatment Protocol in Ayurveda-Part 3 : Brimhana


Brimhana (nourishing) is soumya (mild) and produces nourishing effect on the dhathus and buids up the body. Brimhana treatment reduces Vata and Pitta, nourishes the dhathus and strengthens them. It increase the immunity to with stand against diseases, balances the immune system so that not to over reacts about external or internal toxins.

Deposition of the impurities in the dhathus is a result of imbalances of doshas is considered as the root of all diseases in Ayurveda. Hence the concept of treatment is to eliminate these impurities from the dhathus and then nourish them.

So Ayurveda classifies all treatment techniques into Lamghana and Brimhana. In the presence of impurities in the body nourishment therapies become less effective and produce harmful conditions like Ama, increase of deranged Kapaha and decrease of digestive fire. So it is essential to purify the body before Brimhana treatment.

Qualties of medicines used in Brimahana treatment

Heavy (Guru) e.g. Ghee

Cold (Seetha) e.g. Milk

Oily (Snigdha) e.g. Oil

Soft (Manda) e.g. Cream

Persons requiring brimahana Therapy (Brimhaneeya)

Brimhana therapy is done in persons having Vata and Pitta diseases. When the agni is excessive , a condition called Athyagni. Or any degenerative diseases, neurological diseases can be dome Brimhana (Regeneration, Rejevenation)

Mal nutrition: Dhathu Kashaya

General body weakness/ Burn out syndrome: Sosha

To improve strength in childhood: Bala

To rejuvenate in old age : Vriddha

Pregnant woman: Garbhini

After delivery: Prasooti

Exhausted with physical and mental strain: Ati vyayama

Effects of Brimhana treatment

Brimhana therapy strengthens and nourishes the body and cure the diseases and prevent the relapse of the diseases. It can be also called as anti aging treatments. Lamghana treatment should be done in the first stage to increase agni, reduce ama and for purification of channels. This should be followed by brimhana to nourish and strengthen the dhathus.

Lamghana purifies and Brimhana nourishes.

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