• Dr.Jeevan.E.P


Persons born with predominance of Vata generally have hair and body which are cracked and lustreless, they hate cold, are unsteady in respect of courage, memory, thinking, movement, friendship, vision and gait; talk more irrelevant, ; possess little wealth, strength, span of life and sleep; their voice is obstructed, interrupted, unsteady or harsh; they are atheists, gluttons, pleasure seeking; desirous of music, humor, hunting or gambling; desirous of habitation of sweet, sour, salty and hot foods; are lean and tall in shape, produce sound during walking: are not stead fast, cannot control their senses, impolite, not liked by women, not have many children; their eyes are rough, lustreless, round unpleasant and resemble those of dead: lids kept open while sleeping; they dream as roaming on the mountains, dwelling on the trees and moving in the sky; non - magnanimous, bloated with jealousy, of stealing nature and having bulged calves; they resemble the animals like dog, jackal, camel, vulture, rat and crow.

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