• Dr.Jeevan.E.P

Western Medicine and the Eastern Logic

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Claudia Hack suddenly found on her stomach a small abscess, which in 2 days inflamed and put her in alot of pain. Even though she is not a fan of modern medical doctors, unfortunately she must see a conventional surgeon.

The clinic was on the second floor with three operating rooms, a waiting room and a reception. The lady at the reception looked at my insurance card (which is called Krankenkasse / Sick insurance) and then led me to the waiting room. After a few minutes she called me to surgical room and ask me to remove the garments. Within in few seconds a doctor in green gown appeared. He must be about70 years old. Chris Gott! He greeted me in Bayerish Language. How is your Blood sugar? He shouted right into my ear. I noticed that his hands were shaking while he examined my abscess. The shaking did not stop. It looked like he is suffering from Parkinson’s.

I need your blood sugar report, or else I will not operate. You have to go to your house doctor and come tomorrow. He announced.

Thus began my journey to the secrets of Western medicine.I was left alone on the streets of Germany in search of a house doctor. For the last fifty years since my birth, I never had to visit a western doctor for anything.

Deva said: Why don’t you check the blood sugar in your clinic instead of sending the patient to the street? It takes only 2 minutes with a blood sugar check machine.

Devil Replied: Ha Ha Ha. Are you crazy? He is a surgeon and it is not written in the laws of Germany that he should do that. He has other patients waiting to get someorgans cut off. Why should he waste his time? That is a job of the house doctor.

Instead of going and finding a house doctor, Claudia went to a diabetic centrum at Rosenheim. After explaining the situation at the reception, the young lady theredirected Claudia to the waiting room. There were a lot of people sitting inthe waiting room and 90 % of them were obese with water retention on their feet. After a short while another lady took me to the laboratory and took myarterial blood. I waited again. I had just gone through some of the magazines kept in the waiting room. Diabetes…..

Iris Jackson, the laboratory technician appeared again. Her face was little bit serious and tensed. Your blood sugar is 520, we can not let you go. I looked ather suspiciously. She repeated: that means you cannot go out now. I started thinking that I came inside on my own from outside, why she telling me I cant go out anymore?

After some time she came with an insulin syringe – a KIWI pen and explained to me how to inject it on my belly.

“No”- The Deva protested. Why are you doing that? The inflammation on the abscess makes an increase inyour serum sugar. It is absurd to lower the sugar without opening and cleaning the abscess.

The Devil replied. Who cares? Iris only studied diabetology. All she cares about is whether the sugar level isaround 140 to 180 or not. She is not interested in her inflammation or abscess. Her aim is only to maintain that number and she will put as many units of Insulin as it takes, until it shows that number.

First time in her life of Claudia, a chemical is injected to her blood stream. The body was confused, her organs shocked, macrophages aroused. Her hands and feet were getting cold, slight sweat came on her backside. Liver was alert and started detoxifying the new comer of chemicals. Pancreas made a pause while the blood is with an alien insulin which is not produced naturally. Within half an hour the serum sugar came back to 320. Iris Jackson was happy.

Devil made a long exhalation. And he said to the Deva. Not only Iris the Kiwi pen makers are also happy now. And I am so happy that We made one more person to put into the chain of disease Giant wheel.

Iris explained to Claudia, how she should make dosage of Insulin according to her eating habits. 3 times meal and 3 time short term insulin. And before going to bed a long term Insulin. So that the body will be always with a specific amount of Insulin and the blood sugar will be maintained to 140 to 160. Take food as you want, avoid white sugar and inject insulin as much if you take some calorie food.

Deva said. This is ridicules. She was not telling about how to reduce the blood sugar with dietary restrictions or increase the pancreatic function again and how to stop this unwanted insulin. At least she could have told some life style modifications.

Devil smiled and replied. My dear Deva. Our aim is not to avoid insulin or improve the bodily functions. Our aim is only to have a sedentary life style to continue and to sell our products.

Claudia got a prescription for buying some of the products from the Apotheke. It was Kiwin pen (..) Acutreand, Needles, lancets. She paid only less than 15 Euro. The insulin and lancets etc were free. Wow. This is interesting. I never used the so called insurance claim since I pay monthly the premium.

Deva said. This is health insurance company who managing risk on behalf of their customer’s premium. Claudia doesnot know the real trick behind this. With Me, You're Covered. How are you doing this dirty business devil?

Devil replied. It is so easy to understand. Assume that one in 1000 will get into an disease in a year. If you get into an disease you have to pay 10,000 Euros in for your operations and medications. And if you don't get into you don't pay anything. 

You never know whether you will be that one who gets into a major disease this year and you don't have that 10,000 to pay. Everyone is worried that they could be that one.

To reduce the risk, you start pooling your money with 999 other people and each of you decide to pay 100 Euros every year. The pool now has 1000 * 100 = 100,000. Statistically, one of the 1000 will get into a disease and whoever gets into that disease will that pool money.

In addition to earning money from the premiums paid by users, health insurance companies take a page from banks and invest your money. It’s not exactly your money any more, but in a sense your insurance provider is holding it in trust for such time as it may be needed to pay your medical bills.

Insurance companies take your money and place it in banks, the stock market, real estate, and Phrama industries and weapon industries. This is how they make their real money and how they continue to thrive even when they have to pay out on claims. So don’t worry about how these companies will stay in business now that they have to provide health insurance policies to everyone, regardless of risk factors. Now Claudia is fall into these chain reactions.

After the Apotheke, she walked again through 500 meters and reached to the Surgeon. Dr. … was happy to see him again after the injection of Insulin. The nurse directed to the operating room again. After some minutes the surgeon who is around 70 years with the shaking palsy with the lignocaine injection, operated the abscess. The bleeding was not stopping and he was little worried. Gots de dank ! He stitched once again to stop the bleeding. He prescribed the antibiotics for the next 10 days. Ciprofloxacin, a chemical to heal the wound and feed the devil.

Claudia, came back home with pain on the operated area. But there was nothing to be worried, the doctor was also given Novalgin drops with lemon taste. The whole incidents happened on this one day made Claudia completely exhausted and went early to bed. Actually she could not sleep, it was only several thoughts. The job, the unfinished projects and the loneliness made her a certain kind of fear. An uncertainty, a slight depressive manner or emptiness about life, something was catching her. She was completely with wide open eyes around 2 AM to 6 AM.

Morning around 7 Am a new schedule arises. She has to check the fasting blood sugar. And then to take the insulin and a breakfast even she doesn’t have hunger. And again a blood check for the control

Deva- wrong, if you give enough insulin before the food, the body will not produce insulin. Let her eat the breakfast without insulin and let the body produces the natural insulin. After half an hour let her inject the insulin only as a support.

Devil- You never understand. Our aim is not to produce the natural insulin from the body. Our aim is only to inject external insulin so that the body should not produce any. Claudia opened the bandage for dressing again freshly. She noticed that the stitching is not at all nice. There was inflammation and swelling all over the stitching with pus. She believed that the surgeon was not only having Parkinson’s but also vision problem. She cloud not believes that he is a surgeon. Many of the doctors have no practical experience. They just finish their medicine with multiple-choice questions. By seeing the wound Claudia was up to tears. She planned to go a pediatric surgeon.

Around 10 clock Claudia reached another clinic where Dr. Bollinger was practicing. He was very nice and with a smiling face. After seeing the wound without much comments he take out the stich and dressed wound. Let it be open and the wound heals from inside. Please come after 3 days again.

While walking back to the car and during the drive Claudia felt a little bit blurred vision. No idea. But Claudia decided to go to an ophthalmologist on the next day.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Kernt, looked Claudias eyes with several instruments. The clinic was so sophsicated with several modern instruments. Auto refractors,Ocular Ultrasound Devices , Tonometers and so on. He found astigmatism and a slight retinal bleeding. Retinal bleeding can be a result of diabetes. Diabetic retinopathy of vitreous hemorrhages are caused by diabetes. Professor suggested a Vitrectomy within 2 months He also suggested to do every two or three weeks with B-scan ultrasonagraphy to exclude a retinal break or detachment

Claudia came down from the clinic. Just the ground floor was the progessive lens optic shop with different spectacles with different designers. She just given the prescription and a young lady suggested to look for the frames. Prada, Gucci, Ray-ban, Police, Hugo Boss, Armani, Polo, Esprit, Marco Polo, Tommy Hilfiger.. the list go on.

With a progressive lens and frame it was costing around 1200 Euro. Any way Claudia got a nice Prada goggles.

After 2 days Claudia developed a sort of dry mouth, include high fever, chills, sore throat, difficulty in swallowing, inflammatory lesions in the mouth, nose, throat, as well as in the genital regions. She went to the General practisioner and he reffered to her to a Gastroenterologist. He has done a Enteroscopy

to view the small intestine. He was not satisfied with enteroscopy. He performed also a colonoscopy. The procedure was very uncomfortable. He found a slight inflammation in the uterus while he performed the next procedure called hysteroscopy. He has done also a biopsy during that procedure to evaluate any cancerous growth is going on.

Deva said: Why do you make such complicated procedures for an inflammation. This is all because of the suppression of pain by Novalgin drops.

The principle adverse reaction of Novalgin are hypersensitivity reactions. The most serious are blood dyscrasias (agranulocytosis, leucopenia, thrombocytopenia) and shock. Thrombocytopenia causes an increased tendency to bleeding with or without minute haemorrhagic spots in the skin mucous membranes. Let him stop the novalgin drops.

Devil replied: Who pay for my endoscopy machines? Who pay my advanced technological inventions?

Think back to what medicine was like only a hundred years ago. You are still the 19th-century God physician. Remember the patient knocks on your door complaining of acute pains in their abdomen. You can ask them questions and examine their body with your hands and read the pulse. You can prescribe them drugs and watch how they respond over days, weeks, or months. But ultimately, unless you cut their body open and examine it directly, you have no way of knowing with complete confidence what's wrong. You take a risk, do nothing, and wait to see how things turn out? Or do you operate immediately, potentially wasting time and money and putting your patient through disruptive and traumatic surgery? Thanks to medical imaging devices such as endoscopes, physicians can see exactly what's going on inside your body without cutting it open.

Deva: But it is a waste of money and time. You are feeding again the companies like SIEMENS, MedServInternational GmbH, ASEM Medical Ltd, Bauer medical GmbH and so on.

Devil: Hey Come on. This is not the time of talking and criticizing. My patient is lying down on the table. I am interested to relive the pain. How the pain comes is from inflammation. Why the inflammations is not important for me. I have the instruments to find out the exact area of inflammation. May be it is cancerous. Or the biopsy explains me it is serious or not. This is my chance to utilize the patient as much I can. The growth of industry, pharmacy and doctors are depends on these patients.

Prof.Dr. Kilian Fach after the examination told me to go for a check up with a Gynecologist. He told that he has a colleague and she is an expert in giving a second opinion.

Claudia came back home with lot of thoughts. Is it cancer? The last 3 weeks with all these different issues, Claudia lost her complete sleep. Her regular eating habits were disturbed. Insulin, antibiotics, analgesics were her close friends now. She felt her home and body is smelling like iodine. Her posts were not opened. The bills were not paid. The emails were not answered.

Even she felt her regular mensuration is not there now. Something is again wrong. She only got an appointment with the gynecologist after 4 weeks. Dr. med. Sandra Schüttle done a pelvic examination and found some irregularies in the shape of uterus. She adviced to do an ultrasound, lab test and an MRI.

The pap test was ok and the cervical cancer is ruled out. The fibroids are 4 cm and the doctor told that we could wait until it creates more problems. Or else we will do a hysterectomy in within six months.

God Asked: How these images are formed in these scanning methods? How relevant is these images? Why the images are different when we look with different machines.

Devil replied: we provide several diseased images to the technical department who makes 1000 of images in 1 bit. A machine is developed with 1000 s of bits bit several 1000 of diseased images. When we take a persons image of an organ, the machine checks the almost similar images and matches it. That means still the person is healthy, the ,machine can matches with a similarly similar disease image and even a healthy person can made into diseased. That is why , when you check with different machines you get different results.

Last 4 days Claudia was suffering from severe back pain and knee joint pain. Her house doctor suggested to have a check with the orthopedic specialist. Dr. med. Burghart made a Bone densitometry and prescribed Bisphosphonates for osteoporosis treatment.

Deva noticed: Gastro intestinal tract irritations, ulceration of the esophagus and Esophageal cancer are the adverse side effects of this drug. But who cares!

Recently Claudia developed some kind of numbness in the hands and legs. Only with movements of the upper and lower limbs it is getting better. It is difficult to feel either it is a pain or cramps. Any way the house doctor suggested to go for a check up with Neurologist. As usual, the neurologist is not at all interested to hear my history of illness. He suggested some of the expensive laboratory tests.

Cisternography,Electroencephalography, Electromyography, Magnetic resonance imaging, Myelography, Positron emission tomography

Single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT), Thermography

Computed tomography, were some among them. Actually the neurologist found nothing specific but my body is filled with contrast fluids and radiations again and again. Oxazepam, Carbidopa-Levodopa and some pain relievers were prescribed by the neurologist.

Deva: My dear Claudia, Please look- you are doing mistakes again. Your depression, pain and numbness all are stress related. Go for a walk, do a yoga sequence, eat a warm food at least 3 times. Quit your alcohol and smoking. Now -a days you are smoking and drinking a lot. Are you listening to me?

Claudias urine is scanty and less. She developed pain in the groins and went to the nearby nephrologists. He diagnosed as one kidney failure of the overload of toxins. Swelling of legs, ankles, and feet, unexplained shortness of breath excessive drowsiness or fatigue, persistent nausea, confusion, pain or pressure in chest, seizures were the other symptoms that the doctor can diagnose as a kidney failure. He suggested for a dialysis or renal transplantation.

Claudia is awake after a long general anesthesia and a long surgery. She does not need any dialysis, which makes her crazy almost. Now she has a new kidney. But she has to take a lot of immunosuppressive drugs. Calcineurin Inhibitors:

Tacrolimus and Cyclosporine, Antiproliferative agents: Mycophenolate Mofetil, Mycophenolate Sodium and Azathioprine, mTOR inhibitor: Sirolimus, Steroids: Prednisone were some of them

Deva: Immunosuppressant drugs weaken your immune system. Now you have a foreign organ and the body will not react to the transplanted organ to remain healthy and free from damage. But what about the other inflammations and infections if you get? Your immune system is down.

Claudia was walking through the Marienplatz in Munich city. Now she has to be careful for taking medicines properly in proper time. More than the food timings the medicines are important. She realized that there were so many specialist helped her in different diseases with surgical, radiation or medical interventions. The smell of hospital and the disinfectants were always around her. She went to Marco Polo to try a skirt. The size was small. She asked for a bigger size. The salesgirl replied that it is already a large size. Sorry we do not have an extra large. Claudia was really astonished. How it comes. I was always using small or Medium. But even large is not possible to wear within the last 3 years. Whether I put a lot of pounds during the last 3 years? I was eating less than ever? Where it comes? The thoughts were terrible. She would like to cry or scream. Claudia fainted at the shopping complex.

Thank God, we have a system in Germany that the emergency is done at the spot. There is no patient come directly with an emergency to the clinics. The emergency doctor and the team do all this and Sick insurance will pay for whole the procedures. After the first aid help, Claudia was transferred in to an ambulance and taken to the Ludwig Maximillian University Klinikum.

She does not need a new heart. But the insufficient amount of blood supply to the heart by the plaques is the main reason for the mild heart attack. Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting is the only treatment for coronary heart disease. During percutaneous coronary intervention-PCI, a thin, flexible tube with a balloon at its tip is threaded through a blood vessel to the narrow or blocked coronary artery. Once in place, the balloon is inflated to push the plaque against the artery wall. This restores blood flow through the artery.

During PCI, a stent is placed in the coronary artery to help keep it open. Operation was success. Claudia stayed almost 1 week in the hospital.

Deva: Yes. WE have a heart, which is pumping in every minute 72 times and in one hour 4320 times. And a day and night around 100000 times. Here is the seat of Love and the seat of all emotions. Here is the seat of Fire and the seat of consciousness. We can not move our hands 100 times in pumping action. But the heart muscles are doing from birth to death. So it should be a hard one, powerful one. That is the only organ, which gives blood to all the organs, collect it back and purify it again. But a few are only for used for its survival. A true sacrifice! To break such a heart we should be far away for a healthy life style. Heart attack. Nice word, but we are attacking on Heart!

Claudia got a letter from the health insurance that she should pay an additional amount of 350 over her normal 400 euros. The income tax Clarence in 2015 made the extra payment of the double amount of health insurance.

Deva said. What logic is this? She was working and making money from her business. The sale tax and income tax is paid also in almost all the year. She never was sick until 2017. This year her business is low and she has to pay an extra amount from the last years. She can not make money while she is in hospital. If she can not pay the amount, treatments can not be continued. While she was healthy she paid all the amount without even buying a vitamin tablet. Normally she should get returned a 50% of money what she paid for the health insurance since she is not used any medical facilities the last 35 years. The 18 years when she was child, the parents were paying and she was included in the family insurance. When she started earing she was paying separately. Who will pay when she is completely bed ridden? Why she should pay an extra amount if her business is running good? Where is this money is going? The people who are ignorant about health and nutrition; who are smoking, drinking alcohol and eating pork are consuming the insurance and taxes paid by healthy business people. What logic is this? There will not be any motivation to do a healthy business or leading a healthy life with such system. Who is responsible for this irrelevant, illogical system? The president / Chancellor / the chief of health insurances or the people? Who has to answer this?. Either you be in this illogical system or you just get rid of this system. People are ignorant and the system is making use of them. Just by showing that you are insured. No body has the logical thinking to ask a question or to react against this system. Answer is only one. We were following these generations. We do not have any other alternative. We are used to this. Is this health insurance is really making them health or disease? Nobody is responsible for their health. What ever is getting seemingly free, either it is vitamins or minerals or proteins they gulp inside. What ever they get as prescription from the white coats either it is analgesics, antihistamines, antacids, cortisones or interferon just swallow. What a set up of the mind? Do you know how many of our modern medical drugs are necessary and unnecessary? The list is a big. Because each medicine is money and money is Devil. Diuretics, Anti hypertensive, Anti angina drugs, Anti convulsants, Anti depressants, Anti psychotics, Anti pyretic, sedatives, anti-inflammatory drugs, NSAIDS, Anti Virals, Anti Bacterial, Corticosteroids, Hormones, Contraceptives, Antibiotics, Antimetabolites, Immunosuppressant, Vaccines etc. are not necessary needed if you promote a healthy life. But if you want to promote the devils pocket you need all these drugs, which can be called in one word as Antilife or Antibio.

Why don’t you promote the life with a healthy green soup in the hospital? Sorry this gives no money instead of you inject vitamins and give a white bread with pork! Why don’t you promote the iron in blood with natural resources like beetroot and red grapes? Oh sorry. My pharmacy is dumbed with iron tonics and tablets.

After 7 days of hospital treatment, Claudia is completely tired. Not possible to sleep, A lot of confusion and depression. The food in the German hospitals were terrible. Every day was a sandwich of white bread and sausages with a green leaf. To drink gas water, black coffee or bottled orange juice. The only leisure was in front of the reception there is a smoking room, which I can always use. My eyes are sunken, pale face like I have seen something unusual. I need a hug or a company of friends. Now a day no body is calling me. Everybody is in a hurry just like me when I was three years back. I never touched my mobile for looking the what’s ap or face book. I waited in the room of the Psychiatrist. He came with a round glass with a French beard like an intellectual. He talked about I am like in a prison. My child hood time trauma made all these symptoms excessive. He found out that I was used during the childhood from one of my distant relative. He prescribed amitriptylineand to go for a holiday.

Claudia thought that - How can be this person can be a psychiatrist or Psychologist? A person who deals with the others mind should have a stability in his own mental condition. Dr. Wiengratz who is a psychologist is actually suffering from behavioral symptoms. He uses cocaine and smokes Cigar and uses most of the red meat and red wine everyday.

Deva: The courage to face a situation, thinking capacity to analyze the good and bad, self-knowledge deployment or finding out the divinity inside are the treatments what should be given to Claudia. But her mind and body is completely polluted. Either with negative thoughts or chemical poisoning. Doctors said that there is an overload of toxins. This is just from the chemical medicines or dyes injected during the diagnosis. All the diseases were created not destructed. And it is not so many diseases- it is only one disease with different symptoms of manifestations.

Claudia has taken a holiday to India. The sacred land of Veda where she can understand the most of our value of a human being in a different perspective. But she could not start her journey. The body and mind is not strong enough to do that. The devil was waiting with a black buffalo to take her soul and leave the body and mind. The relatives were taken her body to the graveyard. There was a beautiful graveyard from her family decorated by rose flowers. Devil bought some fresh Rose flowers from the near by market and put the flowers on the coffin. Flowers were immediately faded and the devil proclaimed that she was a beautiful Soul !

Deva said: This is not true. I am not able to stay in this body and mind which are fully damaged by chemical poison. I am not able to react because of immune suppressive drugs. I am not able to fulfill my wishes, after the trauma to my heart. I just come out from the body and mind which is the devil who never realized that the divinity is me and I was inside in the body and mind! Flowers were faded not because of the divine soul-“Deva” was left but because of the artificial poison inside the body.

Devils Business plan

Devil calculated the credit and debit in Claudia´s life.

Starting from the abscess operation, insulin load, kidney transplantation, Cardiac surgery, Hysterectomy, Medicines, ambulance charges, sandwiches in the hospital, were around 30000 Euros. But the last 45 years of her payment in health insurances were 213000 euros. Almost 60 % Profit. The same money in the investments of Technology, Weapon industry and Pharma industry made 3 times more than the profit. Even you calculate a 5,50 of Rose flowers in the end the profit is tremendous.

Devas feelings

Ancient medicine with Eastern logics

My dear Claudia, I was always observing you but without giving you any help. You were already slipped in to Giant wheel of Big Pharma with chemical weapons, surgical tools and Electro magnetic radiations. Just like the starting of a war your body was a battlefield and devil was the Warrior. It was not important for him that the tissues, organs or microorganisms were the society who lives in your body or all those was your body. The three trillions cells and the living organism in the cells were all enemies for him. He just bombarded with weapons and in the end you were toxified.

I could have stopped you before starting the Insulin. I could have given you a change in your diet, a regular pattern of exercises, a life style, which makes you happy, and joy. But you never looked back. You just followed from one doctor to the other with the guidance of Devil.

The inflammation produced and developed, as an abscess was the warning what I have given to you. To reduce your frustration, anger and jealousy which creates an inflammations.

You know the word for pain in Sanskrit is RUK. That literally translated as blocks. There is a loss of connectivity – discontinuation with the blocks. You are not connected with another person. You are not connected with your parents, husband, children, neighbors, colleagues, employees, society, teachers, environment, nature or with yourself. This RUK is produced by our RAGA- unfulfilled / Unsatisfied wishes. And our wishes are originated from RAJAS: one of the mental quality, which is positive as action and negative vibrations as aggressions. This negative aggressions makes us to get ROGA and we become a ROGI.

Pain creates fear or fear creates pain. One of our main emotions, which make pain, is Fear. Fear of survival, fear of death, fear of diseases, fear of wild animals, insects, viruses and bacteria are some among them. Human being is continuously suffering from fear, which are mostly created by the human beings itself. Most of the fears are fearless fears. May be 1% will come as really fear and pain. But we are continuously exposed. Even the main function of our mind is looking for fear so that we can avoid the pain. The Sanskrit term for such hallucinations and illusions are called as VIBRANTHI.

Healing on the other hand is the connectivity to the Whole or Totality. You are total, you are rooted in the totality, you are coming from the totality and you will go back into totality.

Relaxing your body and mind is the main aim of Treatments. The blocks can be released by laxation. For connectivity with earth, you should have walked bare feet on sand. Drinking a lot of water either natural or herbal is the element of water healing. Sun a source of fire should be bathed either in the morning or evening. Breathing exercises and finding a space for you are healing with other elements.

But you just ignored the logic behind our health and body. The doctors were not studied in the medical school that there is a source of energy which who enjoys the pleasure and pain of the body and mind.

It is always interesting to know the logic of medicine in order to act in the proper time by detoxing our body and mind. This is the innate nature of healing or holistic healing. Our body has three functional zones. They are vaguely translated as the gastro-intestinal tract), tissues and Channels. GIT stands for all organs /Tissues of excretion. Nutrients move from GIT to tissues via fluids and then to channels. Wastes on the other hand travels from the channels to tissues to GIT in the reverse order. Toxins also need to be expelled in reverse order, i.e. tissues >fluid > GIT.

If you consider a factory of any fine products, there should be resources for the process. Consider a furniture factory. We need the wood material from the forest that should be transported through rivers and the materials should reach to the factory where the final product is produced. After that again the final product should be reached into the specified franchise shops. The wastes from the factory also should be transported either though roads or rivers. Here the resources are in the GIT like the forest; rivers like the fluids in our body; Factory is like the tissues . The specific shops are like Different Organs.

First phase: The cleanse requires breaking toxins in the Channels / tissues with specific herbs or minerals depends on the area of the toxins lodged.

Second phase: To flush them out into the fluids done by various natural healing with elements like sun bath, walking, massaging, swimming, drinking water, breathing exercises etc. and extracting toxins from fluids and push into the GIT.

Third phase: This includes removing toxins out of the GIT.

If you mobilize and not doing the cleanse, these toxins return to your weak tissues and relapse the disease.