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Why we should fast?

Fasting is one of the main treatment methods in Ayurveda under lightening therapy or LAMGHANA. To put it elaborately Ayurveda explains 2 different type of treatment categories based on the effect produced in the body ie. Lamghana and Brimhana.

Langhana is again divided in to two types

1. Samana (Subsiding measures)

Samana normalizes the increased Doshas without expelling them out of the body instantaneously. Its effect is a state of equal and balanced Doshas. This treatment is advised when Doshas are not very much aggravated. Mostly the diseases localized in the first 4 Dhathus, Lamghana is very effective. Especially the fasting from Lamghana.

We should not do the fasting without assessing the amount of toxins localized in different tissues, the character of toxins, the constitution of the person, seasonal variations etc. Ayurveda explains different lightening therapies for different amount of toxins accumulated in the body.

For e.g. A person with osteoporosis or any degenerative conditions of the bone and joints should not fast. The logic is, Ayurveda explains the bones and joints as the tissue of Vata dosha. Vata is the combination of two subtle elements as ether and air, fasting only produces the accumulation of more of these elements and the degeneration of the boney will be severe. On the other hand a brimhana- a building up therapy with nutritious foods, external and internal oil applications like abhyanga and sneha vasthi reduces the Vata toxins and at the same time build up the Kapha principles – the earth and water.

But if consider a disease which is produced by the accumulation of toxins from any of the tissues like Lymph, Plasma, Blood, Muscles or Fat, fasting is a good treatment method to burn out the toxins.

Skin diseases like psoriasis out of blood tissue or a lipoma or diabetes from the fat tissue are all can be helped by fasting methods by improving the catabolic activity.

Some of the indications what we should think for making a fasting program are:

1. The patient is having a less amount of doshavitiation or less amount of toxins in the tissues.

2. The toxins are only in the gut or the first tissues.

3. The patient is week and not enough strength to undergo an

Elimination therapy even though she/he has a larger amount of dosha

Vitiation; or

4. The climatically condition (time) is not so good enough to do an

Elimination therapy.

When you look at the original Ayurveda texts like Ashatanga Hridaya, the types of Lamghana therapies are:

1. Pachana (Digesting Ama)

2. Deepana (Digestive fire increasing type of medicines)

3.Kshut nirodha (Avoiding food or Fasting)

4. Trt nirodha (Avoid drinking fluids so that the ama is burned out)

5. Vyama (Exersises)

6. Atapa seva (Sun bath)

7. Maruta seva (Wind bath)

8. Brimhana (Building up therapy like administration of nutritious foods and medicines

which is a subsiding measure for Vata and Vata -Pitta)

All the above treatments work in the reduction of doshas in a certain amount. But tt is to be understood that the reduction of Vata is only possible by building up therapies(Brimhana.)

Persons requiring fasting treatment

Fasting is applied in diseases due to excess Kapha and Ama where Agni (Digestive fire) is very much reduced.

Diabetes Fat - 4thTissue

Poor digestion Gastro-Intestinal Tract -GUT

Early Fever Plasma-1st Tissue

Skin diseases Blood- 2nd Tissue

Sinusitis Plasma – 1st tissue

Obesity Fat - 4thTissue

Effect of Lamghana treatment

A cell and cell walls can be accumulated with 3 diiferent Lamghana therapy increases Agni and digests Ama. This open up the minute pores in the body (Srotas) clogged with Ama and Kapah resuting in digestion of the ama, normal digestion of food and an easy flow of Rasa dhathu to the other dhathus which results in a proper nourishment of the dhathus. Lamghana produces purity of senses, proper expulsion of body wastes, lightness of the body, appetite, hunger, thirst, relief of diseases, mental enthusiasm and alertness.

How should we fast?

How long we should fast?

Which diseases can be healed by fasting?

What is the scientific background for fasting?

Which are all the recipes for a fasting?

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