Ayurveda ​ with relevent Sanskrit slokas


You will learn:
​If you really want to understand what ayurveda explains in the olden times, it is better to go in step by step by the sanskrit slokas which are relevent in our present day life. Reading, learning and singing these sanskrit slokas enhance the knowledge  of life and improve your way of understanding and your clinical practice.


Most of the studies in ayurveda is a modern interpretation and mostly we fail to explain what is really meant in the olden times. Sanskrit has a lot of hidden meanings, and it should be well decoded. If we read the German or  English book written  without knowing the original texts or verses and just explain the superficail Ayurveda in German or Engish or any other languages we will not get the essence of the meanings what the original sanskrit texts meant.

The course is useful to:

  • Ayurveda students

  • Yoga teachers

  • Alternative medical consultants

  • Integrative medical doctors

  • Yoga therapist.

  • And those, interested in learning Ayurveda for one’s own wellbeing or prevention

​​Dates – Announced soon!

Teacher: Dr.Rama Prasad, 

Duration - 10 x 30-minute sessions,

German Time 19.30-20.00

Language: English
Payment Fee:  Free of Cost!

More info: Satva University-Kerala India

Diseases and its treatments -

Public Awareness ​Program

You will learn:
Ayurveda Nidana- (Diagnosis), Kalpa (Pharmacology) & Chikitsa (Treatment), Ahara, Vihara (Nutrition and routines) Yoga sequences for each diseases

  • Learn the causes & symptoms of diffnosiserent diseases.

  • Learn how to use classical Ayurveda preparations, herbs and their equivalents in Western clinical phytotherapy.

  • Study the principles of treatment diseases in classical Ayurveda ways.

  • Learn the multi modalities of Ayurveda for perfect management of diseases such as Nutrition for each disease, yoga therapy, panchakarma, home remedies, herbs and spices.

  • Get an authentic traditional knowledge on Ayurveda from the world-known expert!

The treatments are available in AYUSHGRAMA an ayurvedic village with different experts of Ayurveda and Yoga. More infos: www.ayushgrama.com 

The course is useful to:

  • Patients who suffer from the  diseases.

  • Dietitian, Nutritionist

  • Integrative medical doctors

  • Yoga therapist.

  • And those, interested in learning Ayurveda for one’s own well-being for prevention.

​​Dates – Look for each topics and schedule
Duration - 30 minute sessions for each disease.

CET-13.30-14.00; IST-17.30-18.00

Language: Deutsch & English
Payment:  Price: 5 €  for 3 for each disease+ 10 Euro for 5 basic concepts of Ayurveda and origin of disease.

Your links - Sent a few hours prior to the event!  ​

The above webinar series attempt is, to deepen your knowledge who have studied Ayurveda sutra, chikitsa and tatwa prakasini courses or interested to learn such Ayurveda Life Style Coach (ALC), 100% Online which is starting in October 2021.  Practical courses at Ayushgrama-Kerala. www.ayushgrama.com 


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Upcoming Events

  • Online Ayurveda Consultation
    Sat, May 01
    Mit Hilfe der jahrtausendalten Erkenntniss der Ayurveda und unserem modernen Verständnis von Gesundheit und Heilung zeigen wir Ihnen einen neuen Weg.
  • Panchakarma at Kerala 2021 Starting from Mai onwards
    Sun, May 16
    PANCHA-KARMA (Ayurveda Kur) in Kerala, Indien Eine medizinische Ayurveda-Panchakarma-Kur mit Dr. Jeevan http://www.poonthottam.info
  • Ayurveda Awarness Program
    Wed, Jun 16
    Taking responsibility for one’s health is one of the key messages of Ayurveda and this conferences will give you in simple way to the concept of disease and the treatments in Ayurveda. But please contact the experts in each specialisation. We will also guide you for this.