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Updated: Jun 1, 2019

India & Pollution

Whether India is ready to supply organically grown, non-microbial, heavy metals free Ayurveda products?

It is not only the Ayurveda products, The food what we are ingesting also should be thought about. Oranges, Grapes, Black tea, bananas, Rice and even water are get- ting polluted and we do not have any con- trol of that.

An organically grown means the land should be kept / processed organically. In Germany the health stores are abounded with organic food items. There are tremendous changes in the public to search for biologically grown food items. The Demeter, the biggest organic concern is producing almost all the food items from the Apple to Zucchini; After shave to Toilet cleaners; spices, Black tea, Green tea etc. “Upputhottu – Karpuram Vare” Every month there are certain percentage is changing from the non vegetarian culture to vegetarian culture.

Europe & its white dirty hands

It is good that to take the plants and the other resources for their own needs.

“Yasmin Dese yata jatham “ But there will be a time not far in future that the Ayurveda products made by Germany will be marketed in India and Indians will whole heartedly accept this without having a doubt.

Yes, We are givers, having tolerance, accept everything! “Athidhi Devo bhava, Acharya Devo Bhava “

When this law stops the whole business of Ayurveda products in Europe from India , AYUSH department is giving a huge amount of money to Berlin Charite Hospital to do a research in Osteoarthritis with Ayurveda. Is this a paradox? Ayurvedic products are having “Brasht” in Europe but at the same time the money from the AYUSH department is Amrt!

A Narayan ! Oil application on the affected area. Is this the clinical trial for osteoarthritis in Ayurveda? What will be the results after 3 years of this study in Germany. Ayurveda is not effective in osteoarthritis. Wow, nice – now there will be a ban also for the Ayurveda medical sys- tem. Increased Ayurveda massage parlors, Ayurveda salons, Ayurveda restaurants and Ayurveda wellness Spas already made a good ? Reputation to Ayurveda. Now is the clinical research spend by the AYUSH department.

Reality Show:

Traditional preparations in Ayurveda has no Ban! It includes Ayurveda thailam, Lehyam, Arishtam etc etc.

It is very good that the patent Ayurveda medicines will not reach in Eu- rope. Who knows it is effective? And where is the Tridosha principle of Ayurveda in these patent? Just say it is herbal patent medicine! Do not add Ayurveda on that.

Home work: India.

1. Cut out the Patent medicines or do not give the license on the name of Ayurveda .

2. Promote the classical Ayurveda preparations and also the single herbal powders so that any good Ayurveda doctor can combine and make different per- mutations and combinations. You have a chance to market these products also in Europe.

3. Either it is medicine or food discourage or ban the chemical-pesticides and promote organically grown food and plant products.

4. To establish Ayurveda in Europe it is not the way of marketing different herbal products. It is to spread the principles of Ayurveda.

5. We Need a Traditional Ayurvedic Medicinal Products Directive (TAMPD) to look the standards of classical Ayurveda medicines and to control all the unethical patent medicines in Ayurveda. Whether you want to add a pinch of Turmeric in your food items to cook together for your health or do you want to swallow a gastric irritating cap- sule filled with turmeric? 

A healthy life for a better India!

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