• Dr.Jeevan.E.P


Persons having predominance of Pitta, have very keen thirst and hunger; warm in body; possess coppery red palms, soles and face, are brave and proud, have brown and scanty hair; are fond of women, garlands, perfumeries; are of good behaviour, clean, affectionate to dependents, desirous of grandeur, adventure have mental power of facing fear and enmity; highly intelligent, possess very loose and lean joints and muscles; do not like women; possess less semen and sexual desire; possess grey hair, wrinkles, and blue patches on the skin; consume food which is sweet, astringent, bitter and cold; hate heat; perspire heavily, emit bad smell from the body; expel faeces frequently, have more anger, eating drinking wine and jealousy; while in sleep dream of flowers, forest fire, lightning, thunder, bolt, bright sun rays and fire; eyes are thin, brown, unsteady with thin and few eye lashes, eyes desirous of cold and comfort, becoming red very quick by anger, drinking wine and exposure to sun light. They possess medium life span, strength, afraid of discomfort and resemble like the tiger, bear, ape and cat

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