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Treatment Protocol in Ayurveda :Part 1

Chikitsa or treatment is defined as the procedure meant to correct the imbalance ofdoshasand to bring them back to normal state of functioning. So the complete understanding of the disease process is essential before staring the treatment. All treatments require physician, nurse, patient and medicine. These are the four Padasor limbs of treatment. Complete cure is possible only when these padas or limbs are good quality.

Chathushpada (The four limbs of treatment and their qualities.)

Vaidya (Physician)

Physician is the most important part of the treatment. He should be intelligent, pure, learned and experienced. He should have compassion and understanding of the patient.

Paricharaka (Nurse)

Nurse should be caring, clean, clever and understanding.

Dravya( Medicine)

Medicine should be having good qualities, well prepared, proper and suitable.

Rogi (Patient)

Patient should have resources, disciplined, frank and courageous.

Physician is the most important of all the four padas. Charaka says if physician is corrupt and not qualified treatment will not become successful even in the presence of good quality of the other padas. But f physician is good and other padas are not qualified there are chances for a cure. This shows how important the physician is in the treatment.

Division of treatments

According to Vedic darsanas diseases are Papaor Sins. These are due to Adharmacommitted byJiva(The individual soul). These sins remain as Tamas in the mind and Amain the body. The real purpose of treatment is to remove this and purify the body and mind. Then only complete heath and happiness are possible. So treatment in Ayurveda is classified into three:

Daiva Vyapasraya Spiritual treatments like Homa, Bali, Pooja etc.

Yukti vyapasraya Treatment based on logical reasoning and administration of medicines

Satwavajaya is the control of mind with Yama, Niyama such yoga techniques.

Medicine (Oushadha ) is of 2 types- Rogaghna and Ojaskara.

Rogaghna is for cure of diseases and prevention from their recurrence.

Ojaskara is to increase Ojas, physical strength and promote positive health.

Rasayana/Rejuvenatives) and Vajeekarana (Aphrodisiacs) are the Ojaskara treatments.

Based on the effect produced in the body, treatments are classified into

Lamghanaand Brimhana.

1. LAMGHANA (Lightening therapy)

2. BRIMHANA (Building-up therapy)

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