• Dr.Jeevan.E.P

Treatments Phase 1-Amapachana

Phase No 1:

After consultation and ayurvedic diagnosis, prepare yourself for your Pancha Karma as follows:

Preparation of the Pancha Karma cure at home

1. You should follow your Dosha Balancing Nutrition Plan for a minimum of 2 weeks before the start of treatment. You will receive this plan in time before the Panchakarma cure.

2. Drink many herbal teas to mobilize the waste products (Ama). Suitable herbs are ginger, cumin, cardamom, coriander, fenugreek or finished tea depending on personal diagnosis (Vata balance, Pitta balance, Kapha balance, Tridosha balance).

3. Two weeks before the cure you should eat vegetarian food as possible (no meat, no fish, no eggs).

4. For the detoxification and mobilization of Ama, you will receive kashayas specially formulated for your Dosha / disease for internal consumption. If Ayurvedic doctor has prescribed these herbal prescriptions, you should start taking them at least 2 weeks before starting the Panchakarma treatment.

5. Depending on the prescription, fasting days with herbal teas, fruit juices or rice soup are indicated.

6. In addition, physical activity in the form of yoga, cycling or swimming helps to mobilize Ama, thus improving the preparation process for the Panchakarma cure.


Never start any oil treatments / panchakarma without proper Ama Pachana.

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